March 4 2021
7:51 PM
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  Story 1421 -   Friday January 29, 2021
Biden warns of growing cost of delay on $1.9T covide aid to public
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden warned Friday of a steep and growing “cost of inaction” on his $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan as the White House searched for “creative” ways to win public support for a package that is getting a cold shoulder from Senate Republicans. In the age of COVID, it’s not as simple as jumping on a plane to travel the country and try to gin up a groundswell. And at a time of deep polarization, Biden may struggle t ...
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  Story 1420 -   Friday January 29, 2021
Dems to GOP: Take it or leave it
Democrats have a simple message for Senate Republicans: get on board with our Covid relief plan, or stand back. One way or another, they say, they’re moving forward with passing a massive coronavirus package. But their decision to move full speed ahead comes as moderates from both parties are calling on them to slow their roll and instead seek a bipartisan agreement, which they argue is possible despite Republicans already rejecting President ...
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  Story 1419 -   Friday January 29, 2021
Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 66% effective in global study
ohnson and Johnson’s single-dose Covid-19 vaccine was 66 percent effective at preventing moderate and severe disease in a global study, the company said Friday. The hotly anticipated findings are the first from a late-stage trial that enrolled 45,000 people across the world. While the shot was 72 percent effective in the U.S. arm of the trial, it fell to just 57 percent in South Africa, where a highly transmissible variant predominates. O ...
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  Story 1418 -   Wednesday January 27, 2021
The Biden Administration Is Working To Buy 200 Million More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses
President Biden announced Tuesday that his administration is working to purchase an additional 200 million doses of the two COVID-19 vaccines that have been authorized for emergency use, with the goal, the White House says, of having enough vaccine supply for the entire adult U.S. population by the end of the summer. He also announced steps to increase vaccine doses going to state and local governments over the next three weeks, and to provide ...
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  Story 1417 -   Wednesday January 27, 2021
US boosting vaccine deliveries amid complaints of shortages
Answering growing frustration over vaccine shortages, President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. is ramping up deliveries to hard-pressed states over the next three weeks and expects to provide enough doses to vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of the summer or early fall. Biden, calling the push a “wartime effort,” said Tuesday the administration was working to buy an additional 100 million doses of each of the two approved coronavir ...
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  Story 1416 -   Tuesday January 26, 2021
Angry farmers storm India’s Red Fort in huge tractor rally
NEW DELHI (AP) — Tens of thousands of protesting farmers drove long lines of tractors into India’s capital on Tuesday, breaking through police barricades, defying tear gas and storming the historic Red Fort as the nation celebrated Republic Day. They waved farm union and religious flags from the ramparts of the fort, where prime ministers annually hoist the national flag to mark the country’s independence. Thousands more farmers marched on ...
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  Story 1415 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
Japan and IOC determined to hold Tokyo Olympics despite cancellation rumors
Tokyo (CNN) Reports of this summer's Tokyo Olympic Games being canceled due to Covid-19 are "categorically untrue", the International Olympic Committee said in a statement to CNN on Friday. The Japanese government also said on Friday that it is determined the Games will go ahead following an unconfirmed report that a cancellation might be imminent. On Friday, the Times of London, citing an unnamed senior member of the ruling coalition, repo ...
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  Story 1414 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
She was murdered for catching an Indian priest and nun in a sex act. Three decades later, justice is served
(CNN)The dead nun's slippers were scattered on the convent kitchen floor -- one near the entrance, the other by the fridge. Her white veil was found snagged on the door. An open bottle of water was leaking onto the tiles. In the corner of the room was an ax. Officers discovered the crime scene, described in court documents seen by CNN, at St. Pius X Convent Hostel in southern India on March 27, 1992. Later that day, they found Sister ...
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  Story 1413 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
As pandemic surges, where do 'front-liners’ business owners find hope?
SACRAMENTO, CALIF - A public defender in San Diego marvels at the resolve of her clients. A doctor in Providence, Rhode Island, draws strength from the stamina of her emergency room colleagues. A bookstore owner in Minneapolis gives thanks for the loyalty of his customers. A middle school teacher in Los Angeles cherishes the enthusiasm of her students. Nine months into the coronavirus pandemic, as the number of cases soars, the economy sputter ...
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  Story 1412 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
Third stimulus check: When might Americans receive $1,400 payments?
WASHINGTON — Before being sworn into office, President Joe Biden announced a $1.9 trillion coronavirus plan which included $1,400 stimulus checks to struggling Americans. The “American Rescue Plan” would deliver another round of aid to stabilize the economy while the public health effort seeks the upper hand on the pandemic. It would also meet Biden's goal of administering 100 million vaccines by the 100th day of his administration, while adva ...
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  Story 1411 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
With a third stimulus check likely on the way, is the money helping stimulate the economy?
Following the first stimulus payment, a study done by the University of California, Davis looked deeper into where the money was going and its impact on the economy. “In the study, they found that individuals with bank accounts below $500, 45% of the stimulus checks did make it back into the economy. But the problem is, the money isn’t necessarily going to products or services that are going to stimulate it," McDonald said. "It went more towar ...
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  Story 1410 -   Sunday January 24, 2021
Third stimulus check: When could you get a $1,400 check?
President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan proposes a third round of stimulus checks of $1,400 for most Americans. Yet while that could extend a helping hand to millions of households still suffering from the pandemic's economic fallout, it could be months until the payments arrive, analysts say. The price tag for the relief package, called the American Rescue Plan, is likely to face pushback from Republican lawmakers, who ...
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  Story 1409 -   Thursday January 21, 2021
Biden faces a more confident China after US chaos
BEIJING (AP) — As a new U.S. president takes office, he faces a determined Chinese leadership that could be further emboldened by America’s troubles at home. The disarray in America, from the rampant COVID-19 pandemic to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, gives China’s ruling Communist Party a boost as it pursues its long-running quest for national “rejuvenation” — a bid to return the country to what it sees as its rightful place as a major natio ...
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  Story 1408 -   Thursday January 21, 2021
World hopes for renewed cooperation with US under Biden
MEXICO CITY (AP) — World leaders welcomed into their ranks the new U.S. President Joe Biden, noting their most pressing problems, including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, require multilateral cooperation, an approach his predecessor Donald Trump ridiculed. Many expressed hope Biden would right U.S. democracy two weeks after rioters stormed the Capitol, shaking the faith of those fighting for democracy in their own countries. Gove ...
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  Story 1407 -   Wednesday January 20, 2021
Thailand demonstrates its inhumanity sentencing a woman to 43 years in prison for insulting  the Thai monarchy
Bangkok - On Tuesday, 65-year-old Anchan Preelert has been sentenced to 43-years in prison by a Thai court for insulting the monarchy. This sentence means she will die in prison and the sentence can be seen as a "warning shot" to protesters demanding reform in the kingdom. The sentence is believed to be the harshest ever given under Thailand's lese majeste laws and comes after months of youth-led protests last year openly calling for reform of ...
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  Story 1406 -   Saturday January 16, 2021
Global covid-19 deaths now more than 2 million
MEXICO CITY (AP) — The global death toll from COVID-19 topped 2 million Friday, crossing the threshold amid a vaccine rollout so immense but so uneven that in some countries there is real hope of vanquishing the outbreak, while in other, less-developed parts of the world, it seems a far-off dream. The numbing figure was reached just over a year after the coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The number of dead, compiled ...
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  Story 1405 -   Saturday January 16, 2021
Cambodia says China donates 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines
PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Friday that China will provide a million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to be used for inoculating 500,000 people. After 15 new cases on Friday, Hun Sen said the Chinese shots were needed despite his previous position that Cambodia would only use vaccines recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO). “Many countries are already using vaccines, including those of the People’s R ...
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  Story 1404 -   Saturday January 16, 2021
China says latest COVID-19 outbreak caused by imported cases
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China’s recent COVID-19 outbreaks in the northeast have come from travelers entering the country or contaminated frozen food imports, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Saturday NHC Minister Ma Xiaowei made the comments at a government meeting, where he also said the virus was spreading to rural areas and that the handling of the recent situation had exposed how prevention and control measures had been relaxed. ...
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  Story 1403 -  
Speeding driver kills woman and left another woman disabled for live Lyndsey Green died and her friend Nicola Worrall so badly injured she needed to learn to walk again after they were hit be speeding driver Jason Lawlor in Liverpool A carer was killed and her disabled friend left "fighting to walk again" for the second time in her life after the pair were hit by a speeding driver. Tragic Lyndsey Green, 30, was sent spinning into the air after Jason Lawlor "lost concentration" and hit speeds of 50mph as he d ...

  Story 1402 -   Friday January 15, 2021
End of Merkel era begins as German CDU picks new party leader
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany’s Christian Democrats elect a new chairman on Saturday, aiming to unite their conservative party behind a new leader who they hope can succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor when she steps down after federal elections in September. At stake is the leadership of Europe’s biggest economy in the era after Merkel, who has vowed not to run again after becoming Europe’s predominant leader since taking office in 2005 and pro ...
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