May 11 2021
7:25 AM
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  Story 1388 -   Sunday January 10, 2021
Indonesian divers find parts of plane wreckage in Java Sea
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Authorities said they determined the location of the crash site and black boxes of a Boeing 737-500 on Sunday, a day after the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea with 62 people on board shortly after taking off from Indonesia’s capital. The head of Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency, Bagus Puruhito, said officials believe they identified the location of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder — ...
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  Story 1387 -   Saturday January 9, 2021
Moderna vaccine set to arrive in France as country steps up anti-COVID drive
PARIS (Reuters) - Moderna Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in France on Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said, as the country steps up its vaccination drive following a sluggish start. Castex and Health Minister Olivier Veran visited a health centre in Tarbes, southwestern France, on Saturday as part of the government’s campaign to accelerate France’s vaccine rollout. Vaccinations against the coronavirus also took place at a cent ...
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  Story 1386 -   Saturday January 9, 2021
Indonesia jet carrying 62 goes missing on domestic flight
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A Sriwijaya Air passenger jet carrying 62 people lost contact with air traffic controllers after taking off from Indonesia’s capital on Saturday on a domestic flight, officials said. Indonesian Transportation Ministry spokesperson Adita Irawati said the Boeing 737-500 took off from Jakarta at about 1:56 p.m. and lost contact with the control tower at 2:40 p.m. A statement released by the airline said the plane was ...
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  Story 1385 -   Friday January 8, 2021
Capitol siege by pro-Trump mob forces questions, ousters
WASHINGTON (AP) — The violent siege of the Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters forced painful new questions across government — about his fitness to remain in office for two more weeks, the ability of the police to secure the complex and the future of the Republican Party in a post-Trump era. The tragedy deepened late Thursday as a Capitol police officer injured in the melee died, the fifth death related to the riot. The U.S. Capito ...
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  Story 1384 -   Friday January 8, 2021
US registering highest deaths yet from the coronavirus
The U.S. registered more COVID-19 deaths in a single day than ever before — nearly 3,900 — on the very day the mob attack on the Capitol laid bare some of the same, deep political divisions that have hampered the battle against the pandemic. The virus is surging in several states, with California hit particularly hard, reporting on Thursday a record two-day total of 1,042 coronavirus deaths. Skyrocketing caseloads there are threatening to forc ...
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  Story 384 -   Monday January 4, 2021
Vaccination campaign picks up speed around the world
The campaign to vanquish the coronavirus is picking up speed, with Britain beginning to dispense the second vaccine in its arsenal Monday. But authorities in France and elsewhere in Europe are coming under fire for slow rollouts and delays. In the U.S., meanwhile, government officials reported that vaccinations have accelerated markedly after a sluggish start. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, said over the weekend ...
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  Story 383 -   Saturday January 2, 2021
In a first, Congress overrides Trump veto of defense bill
WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress on Friday overrode President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, a first by lawmakers since he took office nearly four years ago, ensuring that the measure becomes law. In an extraordinary New Year’s Day session, the Republican-controlled Senate easily turned aside the veto, dismissing Trump’s objections to the $740 billion bill and handing him a stinging rebuke just weeks before he leaves the White House. ...
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  Story 382 -   Saturday January 2, 2021
Iran plans 20% uranium enrichment ‘as soon as possible’
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran said Saturday it plans to enrich uranium up to 20% at its underground Fordo nuclear facility “as soon as possible,” pushing its program a technical step away from weapons-grade levels as it increases pressure on the West over the tattered atomic deal. The move comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and the U.S. in the waning days of the administration of President Donald Trump, who unilaterally with ...
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  Story 381 -   Tuesday December 29, 2020
 Child labor in palm oil industry tied to Girl Scout cookies
They are two young girls from two very different worlds, linked by a global industry that exploits an army of children. Olivia Chaffin, a Girl Scout in rural Tennessee, was a top cookie seller in her troop when she first heard rainforests were being destroyed to make way for ever-expanding palm oil plantations. On one of those plantations a continent away, 10-year-old Ima helped harvest the fruit that makes its way into a dizzying array of pro ...
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  Story 380 -   Tuesday December 29, 2020
Alleged Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner ‘Hated Cops’ and Loved Weed: Former Co-Worker
Tom Lundborg was a teenager in the late 1970s when he worked under accused Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, who was a technician for an alarm company. Back then, Lundborg’s father owned A.C.E. Alarms, a firm providing commercial and residential burglar systems, but was incapacitated in a car wreck. That left a young Lundborg and 20-something “Tony” Warner to run the business, and they drove to different sites to do burglar alarm installa ...
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  Story 379 -   Tuesday December 29, 2020
Bernie Sanders vows to hold up defense bill unless Senate votes on $2,000 stimulus checks
Hours after the House voted Monday to boost stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) vowed to push the GOP-controlled Senate to vote on the move as well. A threat to force senators to cancel their holiday travels by throwing a wrench into Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plans for a quick vote this week on an override of President Trump’s defense bill veto. “Let me be clear: If Sen. McConnell doesn’t agree to an up ...
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  Story 378 -   Monday December 28, 2020
BEIJING (Reuters) - China expressed anger on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law measures to further bolster support for Taiwan and Tibet, which had been included in a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China expressed anger on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law measures to further bolster support for Taiwan and Tibet, which had been included in a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package. China has watched with growing alarm as the United States has stepped up its backing for Chinese-claimed Taiwan and its criticism of Beijing’s rule in remote Tibet, further straining a relationship under inten ...
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  Story 377 -   Monday December 28, 2020
Nashville suicide bomber Anthony Warner was sued by his own MOM over the $249,000 family home he inherited when his dad and brother died
Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was involved in an ugly dispute over property that became so bitter that he was sued by his own mom, DailyMail.com can reveal. Warner, 63, was named by the FBI on Sunday as the lone suspect in the Christmas Day bombing outside an AT&T building, after DNA showed he perished in the attack carried out with an RV rigged to explode. According to Davidson County court records, Warner’s 62-year-old brother, S ...
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  Story 376 -   Monday December 28, 2020
Trump signs massive measure funding government, COVID relief
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package, ending days of drama over his refusal to accept the bipartisan deal that will deliver long-sought cash to businesses and individuals and avert a federal government shutdown. The massive bill includes $1.4 trillion to fund government agencies through September and contains other end-of-session priorities such as an increase in food stamp benef ...
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  Story 375 -   Saturday December 26, 2020
Downtown Nashville explosion knocks communications offline
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A recreational vehicle parked in the deserted streets of downtown Nashville exploded early Christmas morning, causing widespread communications outages that took down police emergency systems and grounded holiday travel at the city’s airport. Police were responding to a report of shots fired Friday when they encountered the RV blaring a recorded warning that a bomb would detonate in 15 minutes, Metro Nashville Police Chief J ...
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  Story 374 -   Wednesday December 23, 2020
Here's why the mail is taking so long and your packages might be late
Robyn Sawyers was scanning a list of thousands of Christmas letters from U.S. Postal Service's yearly Operation Santa, where people can read letters sent from low-income children and fulfill their holiday wishes. A 3-year-old girl from Kentucky's letter seeking Barbie dolls, the same kind as her daughter's, caught her eye. But when Sawyer went to ship the new dolls, even before the USPS' recommended deadline, she was told there was no way it ...
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  Story 373 -   Wednesday December 23, 2020
Congressman seeks to have Rudolph Giuliani disbarred over attempts to overturn election
In the three weeks since Election Day, Rudolph W. Giuliani has waged a prodigiously unsuccessful legal fight on behalf of President Trump’s campaign to overturn the election results. Giuliani’s bizarre news conferences and literal meltdown became fodder for late-night talk show hosts, while his even more bizarre legal arguments have prompted federal judges to unleash withering rebukes. Giuliani and the rest of the efforts of the Trump campaign ...
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  Story 372 -   Sunday December 20, 2020
Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis
Pentagon officials are making an 11th-hour push to potentially break up the joint leadership of U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, a move that would raise inevitable questions about Army Gen. Paul Nakasone's future as head of the country’s largest spy agency. Five people familiar with the matter told POLITICO that senior Defense Department leaders are reviewing a plan to separate the two agencies, a move lawmakers and DoD had ...
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  Story 371 -   Sunday December 20, 2020
Republicans, Democrats reach compromise over Covid-19 stimulus package
WASHINGTON — Senior lawmakers reached a compromise over the Federal Reserve's emergency lending powers late Saturday night, overcoming a major hurdle that prevented Congress from completing a $900 billion coronavirus relief package earlier in the week, according to multiple sources. A last-minute roadblock emerged on Friday as Democrats accused Republicans, namely Pennsylvania's Sen. Pat Toomey, of attempting to encumber the incoming Biden adm ...
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  Story 370 -   Saturday December 19, 2020
Congress averts shutdown; fight continues over pandemic aid
WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress passed a two-day stopgap spending bill Friday night, averting a partial government shutdown and buying yet more time for frustratingly slow endgame negotiations on an almost $1 trillion COVID-19 economic relief package. The virus aid talks remained on track, both sides said, but closing out final disagreements was proving difficult. Weekend sessions were on tap, and House leaders hoped for a vote on Sunday on the mas ...
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