June 24 2021
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  Story 2542 -   Monday March 8, 2021
These women are shaping the future of African space exploration
(CNN)In the heart of Cape Town, a control room buzzes with activity. Technicians monitor a grid of screens, scanning data that will soon make its way to astronomers working to deepen our understanding of the universe. Operated by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), the data is coming from the MeerKAT array -- one of the most advanced radio telescopes in the world. Comprised of 64 connected satellite dishes in a remote part o ...
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  Story 2541 -   Monday March 8, 2021
It's been a 'mixed bag', but most Canadian schools have kept students in class
Mississauga, Ontario (CNN)For one of Canada's most densely populated communities, this Toronto suburb, locked down for weeks, was eerily quiet on a recent Friday morning. Except for the school buses. Several of those buses passed Romana Siddiqui's home as she hustled her children out the door for school and handed out food and snacks for the day. As stressful as the morning rush can be, many Canadian parents are grateful for it. Through a dan ...
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  Story 2540 -   Monday March 8, 2021
Brexit leaves London fighting for its future as Europe poaches business
London London has been the unrivaled king of European finance for more than three decades. Brexit is starting to change that. Billions of dollars worth of stock and derivatives trading has already vanished from the British capital after the United Kingdom completed its exit from the European Union on Jan. 1, shifting abroad to financial hubs in Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. And the threat of more lost business hangs above the city, home to ...
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  Story 2539 -   Monday March 8, 2021
She's the first female tour guide in Afghanistan, but she's determined not to be the last
(CNN) — For many people who work as tour guides, showing people around a new city involves a little bit of getting off the beaten track. But when there is no track at all, you just have to blaze one yourself. That has been the story of Fatima, the only woman working as a tour guide in Afghanistan. The 22-year-old (who asked that CNN not use her surname for safety reasons) grew up leading sheep through the countryside, and now she leads tourists ...
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  Story 2538 -   Monday March 8, 2021
China faces huge climate and tech challenges in its bid for global leadership
Hong Kong (CNN Business)China's leaders are finalizing their political and economic agenda for the rest of 2021 and beyond. How the country achieves technological independence and tackles the climate crisis will be near the top. This year's "Two Sessions" meeting — the most important annual event on China's political calendar — is particularly noteworthy because Beijing will ratify its 14th five-year plan, a broad outline of goals through 2025 ...
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  Story 2537 -   Monday March 8, 2021
SpaceX gets almost $900 million in federal subsidies to deliver broadband to rural America
New York (CNN Business)The US government plans to give SpaceX nearly a billion dollars to beam internet from space to people across rural America, where three out of five people say access to broadband is still a pressing issue. The company will receive a total of $856 million, one of the largest subsidies handed out by the Federal Communications Commission under a new program designed to encourage companies to extend broadband access into the ...
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  Story 2536 -   Sunday March 7, 2021
How rape allegations among Australia's political elite reignited its #MeToo movement
Brisbane (CNN)When Australia's attorney general last week outed himself as the minister accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in 1988, his denial was emphatic. "The things that I have read did not happen, and to suggest that they could be forgotten is ridiculous," said Christian Porter, who oversees legal affairs and national security, before starting a period of mental health leave. For Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that was the end of the m ...
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  Story 2535 -   Sunday March 7, 2021
A year in the life of a 'super' man
(CNN)The stretch of Grand Avenue where Onesimo Garcia works in Brooklyn is not exactly grand. It's a desolate warehouse street, in the shadow of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, where cars roar overhead. There's a monolithic self-storage place on one end of the block and a trio of empty warehouses on the other, waiting to be demolished. It's a street where film crews like to stage scenes of drug deals going down. It has that look — all grit and gr ...
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  Story 2534 -   Sunday March 7, 2021
Safe water -- it's what women want
(CNN)Of the many indirect consequences of Covid-19, growing gender inequality is an area of grave concern where the world is falling grievously behind. While women labor at the frontlines, comprising 70% of the world's healthcare workers, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are also leaving the workforce at a much higher rate than men, and doing over three-quarters of all unpaid care work, including the care of children. Thi ...
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  Story 2533 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan
On Saturday, the Senate finally passed the $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan after an all-night session to get one stubborn Democrat to support the plan. The Democratic-held House should pass the bill on Tuesday then send it to President Joe Biden before the March 14 deadline to renew unemployment aid programs. The Senate approved the plan in a 50-49 party line vote as Republicans questioned the need for another broad spending package. The pl ...
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  Story 2532 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
'Active threat': Chinese hackers target 30,000 US entities
Security specialist says the campaign has exploited recently discovered flaws in Microsoft Exchange software, infecting computer servers. At least 30,000 US organisations including local governments have been hacked in recent days by an “unusually aggressive” Chinese cyber-espionage campaign, according to a computer security specialist. The campaign has exploited recently discovered flaws in Microsoft Exchange software, stealing email and ...
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  Story 2531 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Coronavirus: German businesses offer help with vaccine drive
Allianz, Adidas, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens and Axel Springer are all keen to accelerate Germany's vaccination program by using their own medical staff, according to German media reports. Businesses in Germany have offered to help the federal government with its vaccination campaign, German newspaper Die Welt and other media reported on Friday. Several large companies and associations are proposing to use their own means to ...
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  Story 2530 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
German-Russian relations flare up over state-run TV channel
A dispute between Berlin and Moscow over the establishment of a Russian state-backed TV channel in Germany heated up on Friday after the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the German government of violating press freedoms. The dispute arose regarding the channel RT — formerly Russia Today — the German offshoot of which announced a plan in January to set up a television station in Germany by the end of the year. The media policy spokesperson ...
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  Story 2529 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Areekode honour killing: Court acquits father who stabbed daughter to death
Manjeri, Malappuram: A court here on Tuesday acquitted a man who had allegedly stabbed his daughter to death in 2018 in a suspected case of honour killing on the eve of her wedding, angered over her getting married to a Dalit youth. The Manjeri Additional Sessions court ordered the acquittal of the accused Rajan, as the prime witnesses - the victim's mother and brother - turned hostile. According to the prosecution, Rajan, 44, a native of P ...
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  Story 2528 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
'It's not fair!' Capitol suspect who put feet on Pelosi's desk has court outburst
Richard Barnett, charged over January attack, complains after judge rules he must remain in jail until next court date in May Of all the pictures that were taken during the insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January, one of the most famous is of a man sitting on a chair with one foot on the desk of the US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. That man, Richard Barnett, was told by a judge on Thursday that he is to remain in jail until his next cour ...
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  Story 2527 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Canada fighting 'on every front' to keep Line 5 pipeline open, says O'Regan
Canada will take whatever measures are needed to keep the Line 5 oil pipeline open, Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan said on Thursday, as the deadline for a shutdown order from the U.S. state of Michigan looms. Michigan last November ordered pipeline owner Enbridge Inc to shut down Line 5, which ships 540,000 barrels a day of crude oil and propane from Canada, in May because of concerns the 68-year-old pipeline could leak into the Gre ...
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  Story 2526 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Why QAnon believers hoped March 4 would bring a Trump comeback
The U.S. Capitol was locked up tightly on Thursday morning amid reports of a potential threat linked to QAnon, the conspiracy theory that continues to imagine a dramatic comeback for former U.S. president Donald Trump. House lawmakers cancelled their sessions for the day and security officials tightened up their perimeter due to a “possible plot” against the site, Capitol Police said. The threat coincides with chatter among far-right QAnon ...
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  Story 2525 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Florida officials accused of prioritizing wealthy seniors for coronavirus vaccines
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and state health officials came under deeper scrutiny amid revelations that seniors in a wealthy enclave in Key Largo received hundreds of life-saving coronavirus vaccinations as early as mid-January, giving ammunition to critics who say the Republican governor is favouring wealthy constituents over ordinary Floridians. The revelations were the latest example of wealthy Floridians getting earlier access to vaccines, e ...
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  Story 2524 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Privy Council Office was warned to 'put some things in writing' after 2018 Vance complaint
Just one day after the ex-military ombudsman brought an allegation of inappropriate behaviour by Gen. Jonathan Vance to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, someone emailed the Privy Council Office about the need to “put some things in writing.” Documents obtained by Global News under access to information laws show that someone emailed Janine Sherman, a senior personnel official at the Privy Council Office, at 2:14 PM on March 2, 2018, with the su ...
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  Story 2523 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
How future generations will judge humanity's performance against the coronavirus
Archivists are assembling a global time capsule that chronicles what we got right — and what we got wrong Correction: An earlier version of this article suggested that China hid its coronavirus outbreak until after several deaths had occurred. In fact, China’s Centers for Disease Control reported on Jan. 9 that a novel coronavirus was responsible for 15 cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, and Chinese researchers shared the first genome sequence of SA ...
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  Story 2522 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Pope Francis to hold historic face-to-face meeting with Iraq's grand ayatollah
Pope Francis will make history when he crosses the threshold of a small, rented dwelling in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf on Saturday. His visit to the home of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani will mark a powerful moment in interfaith relations, experts say, and millions of people will be watching. Sistani is Iraq’s leading religious authority and a preeminent figure in Shiite Islam, and his meeting with the pontiff will be loaded with symbolism: tw ...
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  Story 2521 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Third stimulus check: Will you get a stimulus check — and how much?
President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan would provide a third round of federal stimulus checks to millions of Americans. Yet a new agreement between Mr. Biden and moderate Democratic Senators would limit the number of households that would qualify for the $1,400 checks, cutting off millions of other Americans who had been hoping for the stimulus money. Under the pending deal, confirmed by CBS News, the $1,400 direct payme ...
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  Story 2520 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Girl made TikTok of neighbor allegedly trying to force his way into her home moments before she was killed
A 9-year-old girl created a TikTok video featuring a neighbor pounding on the front door and yelling. He has been accused of killing the child. In the video, Felicia Kononchuk explains the man, 33-year-old Vasily Dunets, was knocking very loudly and for a long time, according to Yahoo News. “He has been standing here for several minutes, knocking and cursing. I'm scared!" she said, according to the outlet. The incident occurred in the Russi ...
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  Story 2519 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
16-year-old girl killed, 17-year-old boy injured in single-car crash, Rock County Sheriff says
A16-year-old girl was killed and a 17-year-old boy was injured in a single-car crash Thursday afternoon, the Rock County Sheriff's Office said. Rock County Sheriff's deputies responded to the crash at Highway K and S. Fossum Road at around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Sheriff Troy Knudson said. The preliminary investigation found the car was southbound on Highway K approaching a curve and went into a ditch. The car turned over multiple times in the ...
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  Story 2518 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Deadliest attacks on Sunnis kill at least 76 in Iraq
BAGHDAD (AP) — The attacks followed two days of bombings targeting Shiites, including bus stops and outdoor markets, with a total of 130 people killed since Wednesday. Scenes of bodies sprawled across a street outside a mosque and mourners killed during a funeral procession were reminiscent of some of the worst days of retaliatory warfare between the Islamic sects that peaked in 2006-2007 as U.S. forces battled extremists on both sides. human ...
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  Story 2517 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
On Trump's taxes, here's where it gets interesting
(CNN)Few things are certain in life, other than death -- and that Donald Trump's tax returns would inevitably be released. On Monday, the Supreme Court finally ended the long legal saga over them with a one-sentence order that will allow Manhattan prosecutors to obtain Trump's returns and related documents from the Trump Organization. These had been subpoenaed back in 2019; Trump's lawsuit to conceal them always seemed more about delay than me ...
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  Story 2516 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Father arrested in India for beheading his 17-year-old daughter
New Delhi (CNN)Police in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state have arrested a man who confessed to beheading his teenage daughter. Sarvesh Kumar was arrested as he was walking toward a police station in Hardoi district on Wednesday night, carrying the severed head of his 17-year-old daughter. "He was making his way on foot to the police station to confess what he had done," a spokesperson for Hardoi Police told CNN on Friday. "He told poli ...
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  Story 2515 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Harry and Meghan steal the show before it's even aired
London (CNN)Who isn't talking about Oprah Winfrey's much anticipated sit-down interview with Meghan and Harry? The drip feed of teaser clips strategically dropped over the course of this week promise a revealing, if not explosive, insight into royal life and it works for everyone involved, apart from the Palace. In the clip released on Wednesday night, Winfrey asks Meghan: "How do you feel about the Palace hearing you speak your truth today?" ...
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  Story 2514 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
Myanmar's ethnic groups have long suffered from military brutality. The junta gave them a common foe
(CNN)For many of Myanmar's ethnic minorities, the bloodshed inflicted across the country's towns and cities this week is a continuation of the oppression they have suffered at the hands of the military for decades. The Southeast Asian country is home to some of the world's longest civil wars, where myriad ethnic insurgencies have fought the military, central government and each other for greater rights and autonomy. Some of those bloody confli ...
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  Story 2513 -   Saturday March 6, 2021
China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do with it?
Hong Kong (CNN)In 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping donned military fatigues and boarded a People's Liberation Army Navy destroyer in the South China Sea. Spread out before him that April day was the largest flotilla Communist-ruled China had ever put to sea at one time, 48 ships, dozens of fighter jets, more than 10,000 military personnel. For Xi, the country's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, the day was a way point to a grand ambiti ...
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