May 18 2021
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  Story 2615 -   Tuesday March 16, 2021
Banks start processing $1,400 federal stimulus checks
Banks have begun processing $1,400 federal stimulus checks for many Americans as part of President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. The Internal Revenue Service announced Friday that the third round of federal stimulus checks would go out "over the next week." The IRS confirmed to Fox Business on Saturday that March 17 is the official payment date, though some banks have started processing the checks, so payments may show up e ...
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  Story 2614 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Thai protest leaders go on trial for sedition and insulting the king
Bangkok, Thailand A trial got underway in Thailand on Monday for activists accused of sedition and insulting the powerful monarchy at a major protest last year, one of a series of mass demonstrations against the country's military-backed establishment. The 22 demonstrators deny charges of committing sedition and a litany of other offenses, which includes lese majeste, a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each count. "They can lo ...
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  Story 2613 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Sri Lanka to ban burqas and shut Islamic schools for 'national security'
Sri Lanka will ban the wearing of the burqa and shut more than 1,000 Islamic schools in the latest actions affecting the country's minority Muslim population. A burqa is a garment worn by some Muslim women that covers the entire body, including the face, with mesh over the eyes. Sarath Weerasekera, the country's minister for public security, signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban burqas on "national security" grounds. "In our e ...
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  Story 2612 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Beijing chokes on yellow dust during biggest sandstorm in almost a decade
(CNN)The Chinese capital was choking on sand and dust on Monday, as the biggest sandstorm in nearly a decade swept over the city turning the skies an eerie shade of orange. Photos from Beijing, home to 21.7 million residents, show skyscrapers and cars shrouded in a thick haze, with air quality indexes recording a "hazardous" rating and authorities advising residents to stay indoors. Many commuters continued to battle the elements, however, wa ...
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  Story 2611 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Yemeni journalist freed from jail after Biden administration 'urged' UAE to use influence for release
(CNN)Yemeni journalist Adel al-Hasani was released from jail on Sunday after a nearly 6-month imprisonment, his lawyer Liza Manaa Saeed told CNN. Hasani, who has worked with several prominent media outlets including CNN, was detained at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Aden, Yemen, last September. Rights groups have been calling for his release after news of his detention broke in February. A US official involved in the push for al-Hasani's r ...
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  Story 2610 -   Monday March 15, 2021
New video emerges of abducted college students in Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria (CNN)Disturbing video clips show students kidnapped from a college in Nigeria's northwest Kaduna state being held at gunpoint and beaten with a whip by their abductors emerged on Saturday. In the footage, which has been widely shared on Facebook, some of the students appeared visibly distressed. In one video, an abducted student calls on the government to cooperate with their captors, while a figure in the background points a gu ...
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  Story 2609 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Chinese factories set on fire and at least 38 killed in Myanmar's deadliest day since coup
(CNN)Myanmar security forces killed at least 38 people Sunday in one of the deadliest days since the military seized power in a coup, and declared martial law in six areas after Chinese-funded factories were set on fire. The heaviest casualties were in an industrial suburb of the largest city Yangon, where military and police opened fire on unarmed protesters, killing at least 22, according to the advocacy group the Assistance Association for ...
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  Story 2608 -  
Controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo is being labelled as racist for publishing a front-page image showing Queen Elizabeth II kneeling on Meghan Markle’s neck. The image is accompanied by a headline asking “Why Meghan left Buckingham Palace” and the answer, when translated into English, reading “Because I couldn’t breathe anymore.” It comes after Markle said Archie wasn’t made a prince after “concerns and conversations” about “how da ...
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  Story 2607 -   Monday March 15, 2021
Police officer charged with kidnap, murder of Sarah Everard in case that gripped U.K.
“We rarely hear about what drives perpetrators to harm women and what needs to be put in place to stop this behavior,” said one campaigner. LONDON — She was just walking home.. The death of Sarah Everard, who was last seen walking on a busy south London street just after 9:30 p.m. March 3, has gripped the United Kingdom. Police confirmed Friday that a body found by investigators Wednesday was that of the 33-year-old marketing executive, ...
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  Story 2606 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
If student deaths won't stop fraternity hazing, what will?
The recent deaths of Adam Oakes and Stone Foltz have ignited renewed calls for Greek life reform, but questions remain if reform will be enough. The story is eerily familiar. A college student eager to make new friends and find a community decides to pledge a fraternity. To gain entrance, he has to suffer through a series of hazing rituals. One night, he is forced to binge drink, getting blackout drunk. By morning, he's dead. His family ...
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  Story 2605 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
Time and Technology Change Communication Between Twins
DEAR ABBY: My twin sister moved to another state years ago. We always kept in close contact through telephone calls. But since the invention of caller ID, call waiting, cellphones, texting, etc., things have changed. Examples: She'll cut off a conversation to answer another nonemergency call. She frantically texts that she needs to talk right now, then doesn't call and won't answer when I try to call her. She doesn't return calls or texts for ...
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  Story 2604 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
iPhone 13 might be the phone that never hits shelves. Here's why people think so
Apple's next flagship phone might not be the iPhone 13, thanks to superstition. Until Apple's marquee event in the fall, the guessing game over the name of the upcoming iPhone family will continue. At CNET, we've been referring to the next-gen iPhone family as the iPhone 13 for the sake of continuity, but a recent wave of reports suggest that we may never get an iPhone 13. Out of the possible names, iPhone 12S is rumored to be the front-ru ...
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  Story 2603 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
15 quick iPhone settings changes everyone should make right now
From Face ID working with a facial covering to Do Not Disturb and longer battery life, all are instantly achievable on your iPhone with some quick settings changes. Apple's entire iPhone lineup is full of fantastic options. From the affordable iPhone SE to the very small iPhone 12 Mini that punches above its weight, to the best bang for your buck with the iPhone 11. Not to mention, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro offer few compromises, while the very big ...
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  Story 2602 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
After dethroning Huawei in China, Oppo launches high-end smartphone in global push
GUANGZHOU, China — Chinese smartphone maker Oppo launched a new flagship device on Thursday as it looks to push further into the high-end market to challenge global giants such as Apple and Samsung. The Find X3 will be sold in China while the Find X3 Pro will be launched in international markets as Oppo tries to expand its global footprint. Oppo which is owned by BBK Electronics, has made its name by selling low-cost smartphones with attrac ...
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  Story 2601 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
How Global Warming May Eventually Lead to Global Extinction
Life on this planet has gone through many extinction-level events over time. Most of these phenomena were caused by natural, cataclysmic forces beyond the control of any of the lifeforms existing at that time. The current cataclysmic forces are anything but natural and they are well within our control. The question is not, "will global warming cause extinction?"— it’s, "how can we prevent that inevitability from happening?" Will global warming ...
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  Story 2600 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change
The Amazon rainforest is most likely now a net contributor to warming of the planet, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis from more than 30 scientists. For years, researchers have expressed concern that rising temperatures, drought, and deforestation are reducing the capacity of the world’s largest rainforest to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and help offset emissions from fossil-fuel burning. Recent studies have even suggeste ...
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  Story 2599 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
Privacy Becomes an Issue After Woman Discovers Affair
DEAR ABBY: Because my fiance and I had bad experiences in the past, we settled on just living together for the last 17 years. He has been like a husband to me and faithful all these years. Recently, however, I caught him in an online affair. I checked his phone one day out of the blue -- something I have never done before because we respect each other's privacy. The emails were daily, back and forth, with only one mentioning a sexual encounter ...
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  Story 2598 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
How Much Does Our Food Contribute To Global Warming? New Research Reveals All
Researchers in Europe have revealed an unprecedented picture of the climate impact of the food we eat, all the way from its production to its consumption. The new findings show that more than a third—34%—of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by food systems. They also show that food generates an average of 2 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions per person annually. The data indicate which elements of our food ...
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  Story 2597 -   Thursday April 15, 2021
Global Warming Could Make Life in Tropics Impossible
MONDAY, March 8, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Limiting global warming to targets proposed in the Paris Agreement could keep tropical regions from reaching temperatures that are beyond human tolerability, a new study projects. Researchers estimate that if countries are able to cap warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the tropics will be spared temperatures that surpass the "survival limit." But life in the world's hottest lat ...
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  Story 2596 -   Saturday March 13, 2021
Monster antimatter particle slams into Antarctica
This event was predicted in 1960, but never seen before in the real world. The most remote particle detector on Earth has detected the most energetic antimatter particle ever: a single ultralight particle that smacked into the Antarctic ice with the (relatively) thundering energy of 6,300 flying mosquitos. The collision occurred in 2016, but researchers only confirmed the details of the event March 10 in a paper published in the journal Nat ...
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