March 4 2021
7:44 PM
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  Story 318 -   Friday November 27, 2020
The U.S. set a record this week for new coronavirus cases over a seven-day period with more than 500,000 infections. An American is testing positive every 1.2 seconds. Daily deaths are also climbing – one of us is dying every 107 seconds, according to Johns Hopkins data. And daily hospitalizations have been rising steadily for more than a month, from 28,608 on Sept. 20 to more than 44,000 on Tuesday. "There's no way to sugarcoat it: We a ...
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  Story 317 -   Thursday November 12, 2020
U.S. notches up more COVID-19 case and hospitalization records
(Reuters) - The United States continued to notch up grim records on Wednesday as it battles through the coronavirus pandemic, with a worsening outbreak in the northeast of the country adding pressure on top of an already reeling Midwest.

Reported new COVID-19 infections of 142,279 were at an all-time daily high for a second day in a row and above 100,000 for an eighth consecutive day, according to a Reuters tally.

The number ...
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  Story 316 -   Thursday November 12, 2020
Hong Kong opposition stages final protest in assembly before mass resignation
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong?s opposition staged a final show of defiance in the legislature on Thursday before resigning to protest against the dismissal of four of their colleagues in what they see as another bid by Beijing to suppress democracy in the city.

The withdrawal of the opposition from the city legislature will mean an end for what has been one of the few forums for dissent after Beijing?s imposition of national security ...
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  Story 315 -   Monday November 9, 2020
Major USA Drug Company Pfizer Says It May Have Covid-19 Vaccine That Is 90 percent Effective
Giant Drug maker Pfizer has published a report Monday that an early look at data from its coronavirus vaccine shows it is more than 90% effective -- a much better than expected efficacy if the trend continues.

The so-called interim analysis looked at the first 94 confirmed cases of Covid-19 among the more than 43,000 volunteers who got either two doses of the vaccine or a placebo. It found that fewer than 10% of infections were in part ...
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  Story 314 -   Sunday November 8, 2020
Mexico's president won't congratulate Biden until legal challenges resolved
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Saturday he would not congratulate a winner of the U.S. presidential election until legal challenges are concluded, in an apparent bid to avoid friction with Washington during the transition.

Democrat Joe Biden won the election on Saturday after a victory in the battleground state of Pennsylvania put him over the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes.
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  Story 313 -   Sunday November 8, 2020
Iranian president says next U.S. administration should make up for Trump's mistakes
DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran?s president said on Sunday the next U.S. administration should use the opportunity to compensate for President Donald Trump?s mistakes, Iranian state reported after Joe Biden captured the U.S. presidency.

?Trump?s damaging policy has been opposed ... by the American people. The next U.S. administration should use the opportunity to make up for past mistakes,? President Hassan Rouhani was quoted as saying.
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  Story 312 -   Sunday November 8, 2020
Global uncertainty could risk World War Three
LONDON (Reuters) - Current global uncertainty and anxiety amid the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic could risk another world war, the head of Britain's armed forces has warned.

In an interview aired to coincide with Remembrance Sunday, the annual commemorations for those who have been killed and wounded in conflict, Nick Carter, Britain's Chief of the Defence Staff, said an escalation in regional tensions and errors o ...
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  Story 311 -   Thursday November 5, 2020
Why did so many Latinos vote for Donald Trump?
by Ruben Navarrette Jr.Opinion columnist

SAN DIEGO ? The 2020 presidential election has still not produced a winner. But it did produce a bizarre spectacle that should send shivers down the spines of Democrats who care about winning not just this election, but also future ones down the road:

Latinos for Donald Trump. Like a lot of them.

Just when we thought this dreadful year couldn?t get any worse, it went from b ...
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  Story 310 -   Thursday November 5, 2020
Trump and Republicans have hijacked America
You don't hear it mentioned often, but there was a time recently when Republicans were ready to throw out the Electoral College. In 2000, when it seemed Democrat Al Gore might win enough electors to secure the presidency while losing the popular vote, Republican George W. Bush's campaign leaked its intention to dispute the election.

In reality, the reverse happened.

You don't hear it mentioned often, but there was a time rec ...
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  Story 309 -   Sunday November 1, 2020
U.S. judge in to decide if drive-through votes already cast should be voided in Texas
Federal U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Houston, on Friday scheduled an emergency hearing for Monday on whether Houston officials unlawfully allowed drive-through voting and should toss out more than 100,000 votes in the Democratic-leaning area.

The judge agreed to hear arguments by a Republican state legislator and others that votes already made at drive-through voting sites in the Houston, Texas area should be rejected.

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  Story 308 -   Sunday November 1, 2020
Man rescued from rubble as Turkey quake death toll hits 51
ZMIR (Reuters) - A 70-year-old man was pulled from the rubble of a flattened building in western Turkey early on Sunday after being buried under the debris for 33 hours following a powerful earthquake which struck the country's Aegean coast and Greek islands.

The death toll from Friday afternoon's quake rose to 51. Turkish authorities have announced 49 deaths in the coastal city of Izmir, while two teenagers died on the Greek island of ...
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  Story 307 -   Sunday November 1, 2020
Mexico protesters burn Trump effigy, slam U.S. border policy
TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - Protesters in Mexico burned effigies of Donald Trump and a border patrol agent on the U.S. border on Saturday, condemning President Donald Trump's migration policies and urging Americans to reject him at the ballot box on Tuesday.

A few dozen migrant activists marched to the beach fence separating Mexico from the United States at the border city of Tijuana chanting, 'Trump, we won't pay for your wall,' then ...
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  Story 306 -   Sunday November 1, 2020
At Least Five Killed in Ivory Coast Election Clashes
ABIDJAN (REUTERS) - AT least five people were killed and many others wounded in election day clashes in opposition strongholds in Ivory Coast, officials said on Sunday.

Voting took place on Saturday with President Alassane Ouattara seeking a third term that his opponents say is unconstitutional. Results are expected on Sunday. ...
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  Story 305 -   Saturday October 31, 2020
Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90 Sir Sean Connery has died at the age of 90, his family has said.

The Scottish actor was best known for his portrayal of James Bond, being the first to bring the role to the big screen and appearing in seven of the spy thrillers.

Sir Sean died peacefully in his sleep in the Bahamas, having been "unwell for some time", his son said.

His acting career spanned five decades and he won an Oscar in 1988 for his role in The Un ...

  Story 304 -   Saturday October 31, 2020
Here's how the Electoral College works
WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) ? The Electoral College is a big reason why Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. Four candidates in history have won the popular vote only to be denied the presidency by the Electoral College.

Our country?s unique system of electing presidents was devised at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It was a compromise between those who wanted direct popular elections for president and those who preferred to have ...
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  Story 303 -   Saturday October 31, 2020
Lyon attack: Orthodox priest wounded in shooting
An Orthodox priest has been wounded in a shooting in the French city of Lyon, according to police.

Police sources told reporters that the suspect had fled the scene.

The French interior ministry said security and emergency personnel were on the scene and urged people to avoid the area.

The incident came days after three people were killed in a knife attack at a church in the the southern French city of Nice.
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  Story 302 -   Saturday October 31, 2020
Early Voting in U.S. Election Tops 90 Million WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - More than 90 million Americans have cast ballots in the U.S. presidential election, according to a tally on Saturday from the U.S. Elections Project at the University of Florida, setting the stage for the highest participation rate in over a century.

The record-breaking pace, about 65% of the total turnout in 2016, reflects intense interest in the vote, in which incumbent Donald Trump, a Republican, is up against D ...

  Story 301 -   Saturday October 31, 2020
Biden's win would give Democrats 4 years of power. State legislatures could give them 10 DeAndrea Salvador said she feels immense political pressure from her state Senate race as she tries to reach new voters in her hometown of Charlotte, even though more than half of North Carolina has already cast its ballots.

Salvador, the founder of an energy nonprofit and a fifth-generation resident of her Southern city, is running in a district that is one of five in the state vital to Democrats? hopes of flipping the North Carolina Le ...

  Story 300 -   Friday October 30, 2020
FBI warns American hospitals they are facing 'imminent' threat of cyber-attacks
Federal agencies have warned that the US healthcare system is facing an ?increased and imminent? threat of cybercrime, and that cybercriminals are unleashing a wave of extortion attempts designed to lock up hospital information systems, which could hurt patient care just as nationwide cases of Covid-19 are spiking.

In a joint alert on Wednesday, the FBI and two federal agencies warned that they had ?credible information of an increased ...
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  Story 299 -   Friday October 30, 2020
Van full of explosives found in Philadelphia following week of social unrest
The city of Philadelphia is on high alert Thursday after authorities discovered a van filled with explosives and other suspicious cargo ? including propane tanks, torches and possibly sticks of dynamite ? on Wednesday night following two nights of protests and unrest after the shooting death of a Black man by police in West Philadelphia on Monday afternoon, according to ABC News? Phildaelphia station WPVI.

It is unclear how authorities ...
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