April 12 2021
8:47 AM
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  Story 2724 -  
India's daily virus infections are world's highest but crowds gather for festival
NEW DELHI, India - Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees flocked on Monday to take a holy bath in India’s Ganges river, even as the nation racked up the world’s highest tally of new daily coronavirus infections. With 168,912 new cases, India accounts for one in six of all new infections globally, although the figure is still well below the U.S. peak of nearly 300,000 new cases on Jan. 8. In the northern city of Haridwar, nearly a million ...
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  Story 2723 -   Monday April 12, 2021
Cambodia condemns VICE for images by artist who added smiles to Khmer Rouge victims
PHNOM PENH - Cambodia called on U.S. media group VICE to withdraw an article featuring newly colourised photos of the Khmer Rouge “killing fields” victims, saying the images were an insult to the dead because some mugshots had been altered to add smiles. At 1200 GMT on Sunday, the article later was no longer available on the website. In the article published on Friday, artist Matt Loughrey said his project to colourise images from ...
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  Story 2722 -   Sunday April 11, 2021
Queen said Prince Philip's death has 'left a huge void in her life'
London Queen Elizabeth II has described being left with a "huge void in her life" after her husband Prince Philip's death, their son Prince Andrew said Sunday. Speaking to media after attending a service at the chapel at Royal Lodge Windsor, the Duke of York said: "I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who is feeling it probably more than anybody else." Philip, the lifelong companion of the Queen and the longest-serving consort in B ...
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  Story 2721 -   Saturday April 10, 2021
Chicago police offcer shoots and kills 13-year-old Adam Toledo
CHICAGO, Illinois - Police staff have finally identified the boy as Adam Toledo. He was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this week during what police described as an armed confrontation with a 13-year-old boy. "My greatest fear as the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department has been a deadly encounter between one of our own and a juvenile especially given the recent rise in violent crimes involving juveniles throughout the c ...
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  Story 2720 -   Saturday April 10, 2021
Off-duty Pentagon police officer charged with murder for allegedly killing 2
David Hall Dixon, a Pentagon Force Protection Agency police officer who was off duty at the time of a fatal shooting in Maryland, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing two people, Takoma Park police said Friday. The victims were identified by the Takoma Park police as Dominique Williams, 32, and James Lionel Johnson, 38. The shooting took place in a parking lot early Wednesday, according to police. Shortly afte ...
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  Story 2719 -   Saturday April 10, 2021
Famed Husband of the queen of England, Prince Philip dies at 99 We knew it was going to happen and we thought if he could just hang on for another few months he would be lovignly referred to as one of those centenarians who lived 100 years. But it was not to be. Prince Philip is dead and now his wife, queen of England, is dead. “His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle,” the royal family announced. “Further announcements will be made in due course. The Royal Family join ...

  Story 2718 -   Friday April 9, 2021
Woman and Man with 'longest nails in the world. Both cut them
After almost 30 years, Ayanna Williams has finally cut her fingernails. Williams, from Houston, Texas, snagged the women's world record for the longest fingernails in 2017, when her fingernails were 18 feet, 10.9 inches . But, before Williams got them cut over the weekend, she broke her previous record, with her nails measuring a total of 24 feet, 0.7 inches , according to Guinness World Records . The fingernails on Williams’ right han ...
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  Story 2717 -   Thursday April 8, 2021
Still not receiving your $1,400 stimulus check? What to do now?
Americans began getting the third stimulus payments in their bank accounts on March 12. On March 17, the Internal Revenue Service said it had sent 90 million payments, worth more than $242 billion. And on March 20, the IRS launched another wave of payments by direct deposit, check and prepaid debit cards. The third round of payments hits at the height of the 2020 tax-filing season, so it may be difficult for the IRS to ship all of the stimulus ...
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  Story 2716 -   Thursday April 8, 2021
Asia's Rising Coronavirus Cases a Worry as Vaccine Doubts Cloud Campaigns
SINGAPORE - India, South Korea and Thailand faced mounting coronavirus infections on Thursday, undermining cautious hopes that Asia might be emerging from the worst of the pandemic as worries about safety threatened to delay vaccination drives. India reported a record 126,789 new cases, the third day this week tallies have surged to more than 100,000, catching by surprise authorities who have blamed crowding and a reluctance to wear masks as ...
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  Story 2715 -   Sunday April 11, 2021
Medical examiner needs break while describing murdered 8-year-old girl's autopsy at court
On June 21, 2013 around 8 pm, Rayne, Cherish, and her two younger sisters went shopping when they first met Donald Smith at a Dollar General, where he offered to buy them clothes they could not afford with a $150 Walmart gift card. The Perrywinkles then got into his white van and went with him to Walmart, where they shopped for the next 2 hours. At 10:30 pm, Smith offered to get them cheeseburgers at the store’s McDonald's and convinced Cherish t ...
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  Story 2714 -   Wednesday April 7, 2021
China's census could point to a looming demographic slide
BEIJING - China’s once-a-decade census is expected to show a further fall in the percentage of young people in its fast-aging population as high living costs and an aversion to having children among urban couples push China closer to a demographic crunch. Policymakers are under pressure to come up with family-planning incentives and arrest a falling birth rate, with the world’s most populous country at risk of entering an irreversible populat ...
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  Story 2713 -   Wednesday April 7, 2021
Climate Change protesters break windows at Barclays London HQ, seven arrested
LONDON -Police arrested seven people outside the London headquarters of Barclays on Wednesday after climate change activists broke windows to protest the role of the financial sector in climate change. The activists from the Extinction Rebellion group used hammers to break the windows and then pasted the message “In Case of Climate Emergency Break Glass” on the front of the bank’s building. The group said the action was part of its “Money ...
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  Story 2712 -   Sunday April 11, 2021
Myanmar security forces kill seven protesters, Chinese-owned factory set ablaze
LAUNGLON, Myanmar - Military troops fired at anti-coup protesters on Wednesday, killing at least seven people and wounding several, media said, as a Chinese-owned factory was set on fire in the commercial capital Yangon and activists burned the Chinese flag. Villagers attend a protest against the military coup, in Launglon township, Myanmar April 4, 2021 in this picture obtained from social media. Dawei Watch/via REUTERS The country’s mili ...
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  Story 2711 -   Monday April 5, 2021
Republicans mobilize for showdown that will help define the Biden presidency
A defining political clash took shape Sunday over Joe Biden's latest effort to reshape the US economy, with Republicans mobilizing against a massive infrastructure plan that could put the President in historic Democratic company. GOP office holders launched a broad assault on the package, arguing it was too expensive and was stuffed with overly partisan programs that had nothing to do with fixing roads and bridges. "The Biden administration ...
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  Story 2710 -   Monday April 5, 2021
One person killed and at least 5 others injured in a park shooting on Easter
A woman is dead and five others, including a 4-year-old, were injured at a shooting in a park in Birmingham, Alabama, on Easter Sunday, police said. Officers responded to a shooting at Patton Park around 7 p.m., where hundreds of people were gathered, Birmingham Police Sgt. Rod Mauldin said at a news briefing. Officers believe the incident began with an argument "amongst a group of males" and there were "several shots fired," Mauldin said. ...
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  Story 2709 -   Monday April 5, 2021
India reports new record of 103,558 daily Covid cases, as second wave and new lockdowns hit
A familiar scene is taking place across India. In large cities, hospital beds are filling up with Covid-19 patients. Warehouses, unused trains and large public spaces are being converted into makeshift treatment centers. And restrictions are clamping back down, with new lockdowns in place. India has plunged into its second wave -- and this time, with new variants, fatigue setting in among the population, and several massive religious gathering ...
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  Story 2708 -   Monday April 5, 2021
England bets on testing as a way out of lockdowns
Everyone in England will be offered free coronavirus tests twice a week starting Friday, the UK government announced in a statement on Monday. The new testing regime is part of the government's plan to reopen the economy in a way that would not lead to a spike in cases. Rapid testing is currently only available to those most at risk and for people who need to leave home for work -- including frontline health care workers, care home staff an ...
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  Story 2707 -   Monday April 5, 2021
Jordan accuses former crown prince of attempt to 'destabilize' country's security
Jordan's government has accused former crown prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the half-brother of the country's ruler King Abdullah II, of plotting to "destabilize" the country. The move exposes a rift at the heart of the country's royal family, and follows Hamzah's announcement this weekend that he had been forced into isolation. The nation's Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said at a news conference Sunday that security officials had intercep ...
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  Story 2706 -   Sunday April 4, 2021
Oregon Female Inmates Are Helping to Save Endangered Butterfly Species From Behind Prison Walls
A team of female conservationists is helping to save an endangered butterfly species in Oregon—and they are doing it all from within the walls of a prison. Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, which is the only women’s prison in the state, hosts a conservation program that recruits inmates to care for the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly. Since losing most of its habitat in the Pacific Northwest, the butterfly was officially listed as an endan ...
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  Story 2705 -   Friday April 2, 2021
Remains of missing 10-year-old girl found in rural Iowa, police say
Human remains that were found in rural Iowa last week belong to a 10-year-old girl who has been missing for almost nine months, authorities said Wednesday. Breasia Terrell, who would have turned 11 in December, was last seen alive in the early morning hours of July 10 in her hometown of Davenport, about 55 miles southeast of Iowa City. She had spent the night at an apartment belonging to her half-brother's father, 48-year-old Henry Dinkins, ac ...
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