July 31 2021
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  Story 3876 -   Thursday July 22, 2021
Vaccinations rise in some states with soaring infections
Vaccinations are beginning to rise in some states where COVID-19 cases are soaring, White House officials said Thursday in a sign that the summer surge is getting the attention of vaccine-hesitant Americans as hospitals in the South are being overrun with patients. Coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters that several states with the highest proportions of new infections have seen residents get vaccinated at higher rates than the nat ...
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  Story 3875 -   Thursday July 22, 2021
Problems at China nuclear power plant are serious enough to warrant shutdown, French co-owner warns
The French power company that co-owns a nuclear plant in China would shut it down if it could, due to damage to the fuel rods, a spokesperson said -- but the decision is ultimately up to the plant's Chinese operator. The spokesperson for Electricite de France said on Thursday that while it was "not an emergency situation" at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, located in China's southern Guangdong province, it was a "serious situation that is ev ...
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  Story 3874 -   Thursday July 22, 2021
Afghan interpreter for US Army was beheaded by Taliban. Others fear they will be hunted down too
Kabul, Afghanistan Sohail Pardis was driving from his home in Afghanistan's capital Kabul to nearby Khost province to pick up his sister for the upcoming Eid holiday celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan. It was supposed to be a happy occasion enjoyed with family. But during the five-hour trip on May 12, as Pardis, 32, drove through a stretch of desert, his vehicle was blocked at a checkpoint by Taliban militants. Just days before, Pardis ...
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  Story 3873 -   Wednesday July 21, 2021
5-year-old boy dies after contracting COVID amid coronavirus surge
Wyatt Gibson waved at strangers in the grocery store because he knew it made them happy. The 5-year-old danced around in tiny cowboy boots, strumming a toy guitar and singing, “I love donkeys and I love dogs.” He enjoyed building things with Legos, visiting the Tennessee Aquarium and helping take care of the horses on his family’s farm in Calhoun. Wyatt died Friday after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, according to his godmother, Amanda Summ ...
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  Story 3872 -   Monday July 19, 2021
Dow futures sink more than 500 points as Delta variant fears hit Wall Street hard
New York Wall Street investors are getting spooked by the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases as the Delta variant spreads across the globe. Dow futures were down more than 500 points Monday, a drop of 1.5%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were each more than 1% lower as well. Investors feared that the Delta coronavirus variant could threaten the US economic recovery. Shares of companies in sectors that were widely thought to benefit most from ...
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  Story 3871 -   Wednesday July 14, 2021
4th stimulus check update: Petition calling for $2,000 monthly payments keeps growing signatures
More than 2.6 million people have signed a petition calling for the federal government to provide $2,000 in monthly stimulus payments. “We need immediate checks and recurring payments so that we can keep our heads above water,” Stephanie Bonin, one of the larger petitions’ creators, told Newsweek. Bonin’s petition is named “$2000/month to every American #moneyforthepeople #covid19” and is directed at Congress. If the petition get ...
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  Story 3870 -   Wednesday July 14, 2021
New stimulus checks, rent relief, business grants: Newsom signs more recovery bills
As California emerges from the pandemic, state leaders have approved a $100-billion plan to spur the recovery, with checks going out for rent relief, state stimulus payments and grants to businesses. On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom capped a series of recent actions on what he is calling his California Comeback plan by signing budget legislation that will trigger a massive distribution of cash to struggling residents and businesses. “We are min ...
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  Story 3869 -   Wednesday July 14, 2021
U.S. charges four with plot to kidnap New York journalist critical of Iran
WASHINGTON, July 13 - U.S. prosecutors have charged four Iranians, alleged to be intelligence operatives for Tehran, with plotting to kidnap a New York journalist and human rights activist who was critical of Iran, according to a Justice Department indictment unsealed on Tuesday. In recent years, Iranian intelligence officers have tricked a number of overseas activists to travel to destinations where they were kidnapped and sent back to Iran, ...
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  Story 3868 -   Monday July 12, 2021
Youngest Cities in the U.S.
The U.S. population is getting older. Aging Baby Boomers and declining fertility rates mean that for the first time in the country’s history, older people—those 65 years and older—are projected to outnumber children by 2030. Additionally, people under age 35 account for only 45.4 percent of the population, a proportion that is nearly 10 percentage points lower than three decades prior. The share of the population under age 35 has been on the d ...
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  Story 3867 -   Saturday July 10, 2021
Dying patients with rare diseases struggle to get experimental therapies
At 15, Autumn Fuernisen is dying. She was diagnosed at age 11 with a rare degenerative brain disorder that has no known cure or way to slow it down: juvenile-onset Huntington’s disease. “There’s lots of things that she used to be able to do just fine,” said her mom, Londen Tabor, who lives with her daughter in Gillette, Wyoming. Autumn’s speech has become slurred and her cognitive skills slower. She needs help with many tasks, such as writing, ...
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  Story 3866 -   Saturday July 10, 2021
Billionaires, livestreams and Stephen Colbert: Welcome to a new era of space flight
A new kind of space race is set to begin this weekend. British entrepreneur and Virgin group founder Richard Branson will attempt to fly to space Sunday aboard his company's rocket-powered vehicle. It would mark the culmination of 17 years of work by his space tourism firm, Virgin Galactic. And, if successful, he would beat fellow billionaire, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to the milestone by a cool nine days. The launches so close to each o ...
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  Story 3865 -   Friday July 9, 2021
1 Billion Seashore Animals Die In Heatwave
Last week's extreme heatwave gripped British Columbia and may have led to the deaths of more than one billion seashore animals like mussels and starfish that inhabit the Salish Sea coastline. Christopher Harley, a marine ecologist at the University of British Columbia, told the outlet about how he had noticed a foul odor from dead intertidal animals on rocks at Vancouver's popular Kitsilano Beach as the city experienced record heat. Harley t ...
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  Story 3864 -   Wednesday July 7, 2021
Pentagon cancels $10 billion cloud contract given to Microsoft over Amazon
Washington The Department of Defense is canceling a controversial $10 billion cloud computing contract that had been awarded to Microsoft over Amazon under the Trump administration. The department announced Tuesday that it is canceling the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract that was previously awarded to Microsoft. It will instead seek new solicitations for an updated Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract from Amazon a ...
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  Story 3863 -   Wednesday July 7, 2021
Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated in attack at his home
Haiti's President Jovenel Moise was killed during an attack on his private residence early on Wednesday, according to the country's acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph. Joseph said in a statement that a group of unidentified individuals attacked Moise's home at around 1 a.m. and fatally wounded the head of state. The statement does not specify how the President was killed. Haiti's first lady was shot and is receiving treatment, he added. T ...
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  Story 3862 -   Wednesday July 7, 2021
8 more dead pulled from rubble of collapsed Florida condo
SURFSIDE, Fla. — The search for victims of the collapse of a Miami-area high-rise condominium reached its 14th day on Wednesday, with the death toll at three dozen, more than 100 people still unaccounted for and authorities sounding more and more grim. Crews on Tuesday dug through pulverized concrete where the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside once stood, filling buckets that were passed down a line to be emptied and then returned. ...
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  Story 3861 -   Monday July 5, 2021
Chinese astronauts make first spacewalk outside new station
BEIJING — Two astronauts on Sunday made the first spacewalk outside China’s new orbital station to set up cameras and other equipment using a 15-meter-long robotic arm. Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo were shown by state TV climbing out of the airlock as Earth rolled past below them. The third crew member, commander Nie Haisheng, stayed inside. Liu and Tang spent nearly seven hours outside the station, the Chinese space agency said. The ast ...
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  Story 3860 -   Monday July 5, 2021
Tale of rescue after falling several floors in Fla. collapse
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — When 16-year-old rising volleyball star Deven Gonzalez was pulled from the rubble of her Miami condo building, her initial reaction amid the shock was to tell firefighters that she had to compete in a major tournament in a few days. The teen’s world revolved around volleyball. She played beach volleyball, on her high school team and with a competitive travel club team. From her hospital bed where she’s undergone multip ...
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  Story 3859 -   Monday July 5, 2021
Search continues after South Florida condo demolished
SURFSIDE, Fla. — Rescuers were given the all-clear to resume work looking for victims at a collapsed South Florida condo building after demolition crews set off a string of explosives that brought down the last of the building in a plume of dust. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told the Associated Press that the demolition went “exactly as planned” around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Crews immediately began clearing some of the new debr ...
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  Story 3858 -   Monday July 5, 2021
Survivors jumped off C-130 before it exploded in deadly crash, witnesses say
Manila, Philippines Fifty people were killed when a Philippine Air Force plane crashed in the southern Philippines on Sunday, the country's worst military air disaster in decades. The C-130 military plane was transporting troops from Cagayan de Oro, in Mindanao, to Sulu province when it missed the runway on the island of Jolo, CNN affiliate CNN Philippines reported, citing Armed Forces Chief Cirilito Sobejana. The plane, which was carrying ...
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  Story 3857 -   Sunday July 4, 2021
Biden's Fourth of July celebrations clouded by a gnawing concern over the Delta variant of Covid-19
When President Joe Biden welcomes 1,000 essential workers and military personnel on the South Lawn this weekend to mark Independence Day, it will fulfill -- and even exceed -- his prediction from March that July 4th gatherings this year would look more like they used to. But underneath the jubilation is a gnawing concern that pockets of the United States remain in the grips of the pandemic, awash in cases of the highly transmissible Delta vari ...
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  Story 3856 -   Sunday July 4, 2021
Unprecedented heat, hundreds dead and a town destroyed. Climate change is frying the Northern Hemisphere
The tiny town of Lytton has come to hold a grim record. On Tuesday, it experienced Canada's highest-ever temperature, in an unprecedented heat wave that has over a week killed hundreds of people and triggered more than 240 wildfires across British Columbia, most of which are still burning. Lytton hit 49.6 degrees Celsius , astounding for the town of just 250 people nestled in the mountains, where June maximum temperatures are usually around 2 ...
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  Story 3855 -   Friday July 2, 2021
Bill Cosby released after assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the indecent assault conviction of Bill Cosby on Wednesday and ordered his release from prison after finding that he was denied protection against self-incrimination. The court said that a prosecutor's decision not to charge Cosby, 83, in an earlier case opened the door for him to speak freely in a lawsuit against him, thinking he would not incriminate himself criminally. A second prosecutor later used ...
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  Story 3853 -   Thursday July 1, 2021
Foreign countries that 'bully' China will meet a 'great wall of steel,' says Xi during Communist Party centenary
China's rise is a "historical inevitability" and it will no longer be "bullied, oppressed or subjugated" by foreign countries, its leader, Xi Jinping, said Thursday during an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. "Anyone who dares to try, will find their heads bashed bloody against a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people," added Xi, in comments that later appeared to be softened in t ...
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  Story 3852 -   Wednesday June 30, 2021
Condo searchers eye tropical forecast as effort stretches on
SURFSIDE, Florida — Florida authorities asked the federal government for an additional rescue team to comb the rubble of a collapsed condo tower, underscoring the strenuous nature of the open-ended search for survivors in an area prone to tropical weather. The possibility that severe weather in coming days could further stretch Florida’s search and rescue resources prompted state officials to ask the federal government for the additional team ...
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  Story 3851 -   Tuesday June 29, 2021
Opinion: America's Lack of Universal Broadband Is Outrageous
— When it unveiled its National Broadband Plan in 2010, the Federal Communications Commission declared that every American should have access to affordable and robust broadband service by 2020, along with “the means and skills to subscribe.” It was the right goal; as the COVID-19 pandemic has made painfully obvious, broadband is key not just to economic growth and productivity, but also to equal access to education, jobs, healthcare and an array ...
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  Story 3850 -   Tuesday June 29, 2021
Maine governor faces pressure to decriminalize prostitution
Maine Gov. Janet Mills has just one day to decide if her state will become the first in the nation to partially decriminalize prostitution, a move intended to help those trapped in the sex trade. The legislation, if enacted, would add momentum to a nationwide lobbying campaign that is pushing states to combat commercial sexual exploitation by reducing penalties for those who sell sex — and increasing punishment for people purchasing sex. The b ...
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  Story 3849 -   Tuesday June 29, 2021
Japanese warning to 'wake up' to protect Taiwan hits a nerve in Beijing
China on Tuesday said it was “strongly dissatisfied” with a senior Japanese official’s remarks that it was necessary to “wake up” to Beijing’s pressure on Taiwan and protect the island “as a democratic country”. Japanese deputy defence minister Yasuhide Nakayama had a day earlier warned of the growing threat posed by Chinese and Russian collaboration and questioned the long-standing position of countries like Japan and the US to follow the “on ...
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  Story 3848 -   Monday June 28, 2021
Home Pet Lion seized by  Cambodian authorities after seeing video on TikTok
After its owner posted videos on TikTok, his young male pet lion was taken away by Cambodia officials. The lion was raised from a cub by its owners, who had removed its canine teeth, "drastically reducing the lion's quality of life," Wildlife Alliance tweeted. The 1.5-year-old lion weighs 154 pounds and uses its canine teeth to rip apart meat. However, the owners removed the lion's canine teeth. There is a small controversy if this benefi ...
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  Story 3847 -   Monday June 28, 2021
At least 9 dead after partial building collapse near Miami
What we know so far:
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  Story 3846 -   Wednesday June 23, 2021
Russian forces confront British warship in Black Sea military encounter
A British naval warship became embroiled in a confrontation with Russian forces off the coast of the disputed territory of Crimea on Wednesday. Russia says one of its warplanes dropped bombs and a patrol boat fired warning shots to turn back a British destroyer it claims entered into its territorial waters in the Black Sea. The UK Defense Ministry denied Moscow's accusation, saying that the vessel, HMS Defender, was making legal and innoce ...
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