March 5 2021
8:29 PM
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381   Child labor in palm oil industry tied to Girl Scout cookies
277   Millions of voter records for sale on 'dark web'
2480   "A dose of her own medicine": Dolly Parton receives COVID vaccine she helped fund
318   "There's no way to sugarcoat it': COVID-19 cases are surging; one American dies every 107 seconds
270   'People think you are stupid if you have a different accent’
2496   'Superhero' delivery driver catches toddler falling from 12th-floor balcony in Vietnam
159   'Unprecedented': States face hundreds of billions in lost revenue
334   1,000 U.S. Hospitals Are 'Critically' Short On Staff — And More Expect To Be Soon
94   1,794 Total Coronavirus Cases In Oklahoma; 88 Virus-Related Deaths Reported
338   10-foot python removed from under car hood in Florida
274   111 dead, 22 missing in central Vietnam, another storm on the way
172   3 arrested after gunshots fired at sheriff's deputy
298   3 dead in church attack, plunging France into dual emergency
335   3rd major COVID-19 vaccine shown to be effective and cheaper
221   40,000 evacuated, People missing in oregon wildfires
2479   5-year-old girl injured in crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs coach Britt Reid
117   861 More deaths in UK hospitals, total now at 13,000
10   A coronavirus test can be developed in 24 hours. So why are some countries still struggling to diagnose?
131   A gunman in Nova Scotia evaded police for nearly 12 hours after killing at least 16 in one of Canada's deadliest mass shootings
2504   A timeline of disaster and displacement for Iraqi Christians
322   After Trump, Europe aims to show Biden it can fight for itself
292   After Walter Wallace Jr.'s killing, Philly police need transparency and change | Opinion
380   Alleged Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner ‘Hated Cops’ and Loved Weed: Former Co-Worker
290   Americans Fear Post-Election Violence as Police Prepare
326   Amid Pandemic, Belgrade Street Kids Find Comfort at Refuge
2502   Amid pandemic, pope goes to Iraq to rally fading Christians
1430   Amsterdam drugs: Tourists face ban from cannabis cafes
203   Amsterdam has been collapsing for years. Now it's paying the price
331   Analysis: With silence, GOP enables Trump's risky endgame
2466   Angelina Jolie sells artwork by Winston Churchill for record-setting $11.5M
36   Anger as Las Vegas turns parking lot into 'homeless shelter'
1416   Angry farmers storm India’s Red Fort in huge tractor rally
27   Army Corps of Engineers working to convert McCormick Place into a 3,000-bed coronavirus hospital by April 24
6   As New York faces coronavirus 'bullet train,' experts warn of challenges ahead
1413   As pandemic surges, where do 'front-liners’ business owners find hope?
2491   As virus-era attacks on Asians rise, past victims look back
1442   Asian shares hit all-time highs, oil rises on Middle East tensions
248   At least 20 dead, dozens injured after train crashes into bus near Bangkok
306   At Least Five Killed in Ivory Coast Election Clashes
1429   Austrian man leaves fortune' to village that saved family from Nazis
160   Bangladesh says Cox's Bazar camp is prepared for cyclone
110   Bartlesville Nursing Home Infected With 45 Cases Of Coronavirus
99   Behind closed doors, Trump's coronavirus task force boosts industry and sows confusion
378   BEIJING (Reuters) - China expressed anger on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law measures to further bolster support for Taiwan and Tibet, which had been included in a $2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package.
2460   Beijing could tighten its grip on Hong Kong further, showing lack of concern for international outcry
1438   Beijing smog casts gloom over China's Lunar New Year holiday
379   Bernie Sanders vows to hold up defense bill unless Senate votes on $2,000 stimulus checks
1457   Biden approves US airstrike on Iran-backed militias in Syria
106   Biden beats Sanders to win Alaska Democratic primary
108   Biden campaign adamantly denies allegation of sexual assault
1409   Biden faces a more confident China after US chaos
1451   Biden mourns 500,000 dead, balancing nation's grief and hope
215   Biden puts two feet in the ring as Trump wobbles
2476   Biden says U.S. will have enough COVID vaccine supply for all adults by end of May
92   Biden to begin vetting potential VP choices next week
2473   Biden vows enough vaccine for all US adults by end of May
1421   Biden warns of growing cost of delay on $1.9T covide aid to public
301   Biden's win would give Democrats 4 years of power. State legislatures could give them 10
118   Bill Gates condemns Donald Trump for stopping US payments to World Health Organisation
244   Black hole research wins scientists Nobel Prize for physics
2470   Blacks and Hispanics are being short-changed on Covid-19 vaccines in Florida and elsewhere
70   Boris Johnson hospitalized in intensive care
177   Botswana investigates 'mysterious deaths' of 275 elephants
1425   Botticelli painting sells for $92 million
353   Brazen gun battle in Brazil bank heist leaves cash scattered on road
2509   Breakingviews - Capital Calls: China falls back on GDP targets
232   Breonna Taylor protests erupt across the US
165   Buffalo officers quit special team after 2 officers suspended for allegedly shoving 75-year-old to ground
178   Bystander Kills Robber in Convenience Store Shootout
2475   California crash kills 13 of 25 people crammed into SUV
1434   Calls grow for US to rely on rapid tests to fight pandemic
1405   Cambodia says China donates 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines
16   Can Oregon's Best Salespeople Convince Residents To Stay Home?
135   Canada Mass Shooting Erupted From Argument
1401   Canada's Couche-Tard drops $20 billion Carrefour takeover plan after French government opposition, say sources
1385   Capitol siege by pro-Trump mob forces questions, ousters
1443   CDC chief warns it's too soon in U.S. to lift COVID-19 mask mandates
329   CDC pleads with Americans to avoid Thanksgiving travel
78   Chaos rocks Trump White House on virus' most tragic day
358   Charley Pride Dies, Famous Victim of Covid-19
125   Charlie Kirk calls on Students for Trump members to launch 'peaceful rebellion against governors' over stay-at-home orders
115   China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days
146   China Embassy Accuses Australia of Petty Tricks in Coronavirus Dispute
201   China increases military pressure on Taiwan: The view from Taipei
246   China is doubling down in the global push for a coronavirus vaccine
289   China is testing millions of people in Xinjiang for Covid-19 after one asymptomatic case found
281   China loves peace, but not to be trifled with: China Daily( Chinese editorial)
157   China Refutes 24 'Lies' by U.S. Politicians Over Coronavirus
2488   China says it aims to vaccinate 40% of population by June
1404   China says latest COVID-19 outbreak caused by imported cases
241   China's Clean Air Push Could Be Contributing To Global Warming
1422   Chinese millennials aren't getting married, and the government is worried
231   Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping's handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years
2462   Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world
168   Civil rights groups sue Trump over assault on peaceful protesters near White House
283   Colorado's record-breaking wildfires show "climate change is here and now"
1424   Concorde successor AS2 takes leap forward with vast new Florida HQ
370   Congress averts shutdown; fight continues over pandemic aid
361   Congress closes in on COVID-19 relief, funding deal
196   Congress Urges Postal Service to Undo Changes Slowing Mail
373   Congressman seeks to have Rudolph Giuliani disbarred over attempts to overturn election
47   Connecticut governor sounds warning about national coronavirus stockpile: 'We're on our own'
240   Conservative hoaxers face charges over false voter robocalls
282   Coronavirus cases growing in nearly all of Spain
51   Coronavirus Deaths in Netherlands Increase to 1,339
38   Coronavirus deaths in the US top 3,000
25   Coronavirus in Oregon: 98 new cases in last day brings state tally to 414
1   Coronavirus live updates: Virus moving like a 'bullet train,' Cuomo says
129   Coronavirus lockdown sparks riots in Paris
100   Coronavirus stimulus money starts to flow into bank accounts
85   Coronavirus widespread among Saudi royal family
134   Coronavirus: 'Our wedding has been cancelled but we still have to pay for it'
267   Coronavirus: Empty streets in France as curfew enforced
18   Coronavirus: Man planning to bomb Missouri hospital killed, FBI says
57   Coronavirus: Pandemic fact v pandemic fiction?
45   Coronavirus: The US governor who saw it coming early
207   Coronavirus: Vaccine front-runner China already inoculating workers
327   Covid-19 cases are on the rise in all 50 states
332   Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?
319   Covid-19 Worse Disaster in American History
2477   Cuomo faces growing pressure to resign amid sexual harassment allegations
46   Cuomo says New Yorkers 'still on our way up the mountain' as cases rise
156   Cuomo warns of 'entirely different chapter' as 5-year-old NYC boy dies from COVID-related complications
2472   David Muir's new role at ABC News leads to drama with George Stephanopoulos and a visit from Bob Iger
149   Delaware reports 5,371 coronavirus cases; 187 deaths
372   Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis
1435   Democrats pushing Biden's COVID-19 bill through House panels
235   Democrats worry Feinstein can't handle Supreme Court battle
206   Demonstrations after Wisconsin police shoot man from behind
1420   Dems to GOP: Take it or leave it
1432   Denzel Washington: Little Things, Big Problems
58   Desolate New York: eerie photos of a ghost metropolis
251   Determined voters endure long lines to cast early ballots in historic election
48   Disney Price Target Is Cut; Home Depot Makes Adjustments
65   Doctors, Nurses Leave Homes to Protect Families From Virus
295   Donald J Trump charged with sexually assaulting women: revisited
211   Donald Trump accidentally revealed something very important in a tweet
142   Donald Trump replaces coronavirus briefing with tweets
375   Downtown Nashville explosion knocks communications offline
2492   Dutch bar owners, sex workers protest against virus lockdown
302   Early Voting in U.S. Election Tops 90 Million
187   Eastern Nebraska man arrested on suspicion of shooting son
273   EDITORIAL: Effective policy actions needed to tackle growing plastic waste
344   Eight dead after cyclone hits Somalia's Puntland, spread of locusts feared
1402   End of Merkel era begins as German CDU picks new party leader
352   England faces regional COVID-19 restrictions despite lawmaker rebellion
2508   EU not interested in protecting Belfast peace agreement: Northern Ireland first minister
1440   European Union calls on China to revoke ban on BBC World News
349   Ex-Arizona politician gets 6 years in adoption scheme
2484   Ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow II faces sentencing for rapes
330   EXPLAINER: Trump's election challenges falling flat in court
28   Facebook Pledges $100 Million To Aid News Outlets Hit Hard By Pandemic
119   Facebook to warn users who 'like' coronavirus hoaxes
287   Facebook, Twitter CEOs face Senate subpoenas over N.Y. Post story
291   Fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. In Philadelphia
113   Fauci says he used poor choice of words when describing Trump coronavirus efforts
300   FBI warns American hospitals they are facing 'imminent' threat of cyber-attacks
171   Federal judge denies Trump administration's attempt to block release of Bolton's book
247   Feds may target Google's Chrome browser for breakup
356   Feds passed up chance to lock in more Pfizer vaccine doses
259   First Lady Melania Trump: 'My personal experience with COVID-19.'
111   First saliva test to diagnose coronavirus
351   Five killed, including baby, as car ploughs into pedestrian zone in Germany
104   For first time in history, all 50 US states are under a disaster declaration
360   Former development aide accuses Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment
77   Former police officer arrested in park for throwing ball with daughter due to coronavirus social distancing rules
209   Former Vice President Biden turns to schools after blasting President Trump on violence,
97   Four journalists in Yemen sentenced to death for spying
44   Fox's Fake News Contagion
266   France begins Covid-19 curfews as Parisians create new restrictions
263   France teacher had received 'days of threats' before his brutal killing
30   French Fire Crews Swap Hoses for Masks to Fight Coronavirus
132   Fresh Cancellations Show Reopening From Virus Will Be Tough
163   George Floyd's brother says Trump 'didn't give me an opportunity to even speak' during phone call
2498   Germany plans to extend coronavirus lockdown to March 28
1441   Germany Tightens Border Checks to Keep Out Virus Variants
278   Germany’s biggest newspaper under fire for publishing fake Russian email story
1406   Global covid-19 deaths now more than 2 million
312   Global uncertainty could risk World War Three
284   Global warming may lead to practically irreversible Antarctic melting
15   Gov. Kate Brown Speaks In-Depth About Oregon's COVID-19 Response
42   Governor Cuomo says Trump's New York quarantine would be 'chaos and mayhem'
73   Grisham leaving as White House press secretary after holding no formal briefings
1450   Half a million dead in US, confirming virus's tragic reach
103   Half of China's Infections on Saturday Came From an International Flight
279   He fought for voting rights in Georgia – then found himself in trouble with the law
304   Here's how the Electoral College works
237   Here's How the Pandemic Finally Ends
374   Here's why the mail is taking so long and your packages might be late
316   Hong Kong opposition stages final protest in assembly before mass resignation
138   How a media-distracted Trump ended up derailing his own briefing
90   How Colbert's 'Tooning Out the News' Ensnared Rudy Giuliani
230   How Democrats Could Pack the Supreme Court in 2021
145   How New Zealand 'eliminated' Covid-19 after weeks of lockdown
1426   How North Korean millennials use makeup to rebel against the state
261   How President Trump can still win the US election
96   How the Coronavirus Ravaged a Cincinnati Family
205   How Trump will try to erase what Democrats accomplished
217   Hundreds of thousands of acres are burning in Oregon, California and Washington
109   Hunger for 'good news' grows as pandemic woes deepen
293   If we could archive all human memory, how would we choose what to forget?
383   In a first, Congress overrides Trump veto of defense bill
265   In Photos: Autumn colors splash across central Japan's scenic alpine route
243   India sees 100,000 COVID-19 deaths: What happened and what now?
220   Indiana GOP Pushing Mail Voting Despite Trump's Derision
347   Indigenous people across the US want their land back -- and the movement is gaining momentum
1386   Indonesia jet carrying 62 goes missing on domestic flight
1390   Indonesia locates black boxes of crashed jet as body parts recovered
1396   Indonesia suspends dive search for crashed jet's cockpit recorder
1388   Indonesian divers find parts of plane wreckage in Java Sea
1400   Injury-hit India rally to restrict Australia to 369
128   Inslee rebukes the president, as Trump encourages rebellion to states' coronavirus stay-home orders
382   Iran plans 20% uranium enrichment ‘as soon as possible’
61   Iran's Deaths From Coronavirus Reach 3,603: Health Ministry
313   Iranian president says next U.S. administration should make up for Trump's mistakes
116   Iranian vessels come 'dangerously' close to US military ships
1395   Israel announces new settlements, risking Biden’s anger
2461   Israel's Netanyahu blames Iran for cargo ship attack
120   Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner don't think the coronavirus rules apply to them
272   Japan agrees to protect warships, military assets of Australian forces
1415   Japan and IOC determined to hold Tokyo Olympics despite cancellation rumors
2495   Japan embarks on random and targeted COVID-19 testing, but some experts call for more
264   Japanese gov't seeks to make NHK fee legal responsibility for everyone with TV
1428   Japanese woman 'kept mother's body in freezer for 10 years'
199   Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his running mate
1419   Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 66% effective in global study
228   Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies At 87
152   Justices wary of 'Obamacare' birth control coverage changes
81   Keep your cat indoors if you're self-isolating to limit spread of coronavirus, vets advise owners
49   Kenyan president apologises for police violence during curfew
343   Killing of suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind risks confrontation as Trump exits
296   King County sheriff to investigate Seattle police officer rolling bike over person's head
188   Labs Flooded by constant swelling and delay of Covid-19
72   Lady Gaga fights coronavirus, Respirators on their way
229   Liberal groups back plan to expand Supreme Court
60   Libya: Coronavirus outbreak could be 'catastrophic' for migrants
50   Life in Lockdown: how is your family coping?
154   Little Richard, Flamboyant Rock 'N' Roll Pioneer, Dead At 87
64   Livestock cannot transmit COVID-19
127   llinois matches highest single-day death total from COVID-19, ending difficult week in battle against virus
184   Local leaders respond to the death of Rep. John Lewis
346   Los Angeles County issues stay-at-home order; US hits 13 million cases; Ohio State coach tests positive
303   Lyon attack: Orthodox priest wounded in shooting
341   Major shift at Supreme Court on Covid-19 orders
315   Major USA Drug Company Pfizer Says It May Have Covid-19 Vaccine That Is 90 percent Effective
1458   Man dies after police kneel on his neck for nearly 5 minutes, family says in wrongful death claim
2497   Man jailed 28 years for raping underage girls
337   Man leaves $3K tip for a beer as restaurant closes for virus
308   Man rescued from rubble as Turkey quake death toll hits 51
144   Many businesses to reopen in May with masks required
34   Maryland man defies coronavirus emergency order, hosts bonfire with 60 people
173   Masks, Travel Restrictions, Testing as Virus Cases Surge
208   Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland denounced by Trump
252   Meanwhile, the Current Supreme Court Justices Have Been Busy Little Beavers
194   Media to be banned from Republican convention due to coronavirus restrictions
1455   Medical oxygen scarce in Africa, Latin America amid virus
20   Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border
307   Mexico protesters burn Trump effigy, slam U.S. border policy
314   Mexico's president won't congratulate Biden until legal challenges resolved
31   Microsoft Cloud Demand Soars; United Technologies' Merger Almost Complete
43   Migrant workers sprayed with disinfectant in one Indian state
101   Mnuchin reverses course, won't force seniors to file tax return for coronavirus stimulus check
3   Mnuchin, Schumer optimistic on coronavirus stimulus package, say deal is close
1387   Moderna vaccine set to arrive in France as country steps up anti-COVID drive
185   Mother of baby found in trash can charged with attempted murder
2489   MS patient sues Austria over health impact of climate change
2499   Mumbai blackout no cyber attack, but 'human error': Singh
1433   Myanmar charges Suu Kyi, giving legal basis to detain her
2501   Myanmar crackdown on protests, widely filmed, sparks outrage
2507   Myanmar police open fire, kill one; U.N. Security Council due to meet on crisis
2493   Myanmar police use tear gas to break up protests as ousted president faces 2 new charges
254   Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire hopes sink as warring sides bicker and fight
242   Nagorno-Karabakh: Key cities targeted in Armenian, Azeri shelling
1445   NASA shares first video and audio, new images from Mars Perseverance rover
377   Nashville suicide bomber Anthony Warner was sued by his own MOM over the $249,000 family home he inherited when his dad and brother died
2468   National Latino groups condemn Goya Foods CEO for calling Trump the 'actual president'
239   Nearly 20,000 Covid-19 cases among Amazon workers
2478   Neera Tanden removes herself from consideration for budget chief
1393   New coronavirus variant found in travellers from Brazil: Japan government
93   New Ebola case logged in DRC, days before outbreak's expected end
1397   New episodes of TV Series 'DEXTER' to return on Showtime
69   New Jersey Opens First Field Hospital as Coronavirus Cases Surge
323   New lockdowns and restrictions sweep across the country as Covid-19 cases continue to rise
1452   New stimulus bill: Latest update on $1,400 check, federal minimum wage hike, more
258   New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells
41   New York City under quarantine: quiet, empty streets and closed stores
1446   New York dad-to-be killed by exploding gender reveal device
89   News media challenged to meet demands of COVID-19 story
2464   Nigerian governor says 279 kidnapped schoolgirls are freed
2485   No charges after klan flag hangs next to Black family's home
2486   No charges in police shooting of Black man in Kansas City
53   No Deaths In Vietnam From Coronavirus, 222 Cases
260   Nursing Home Residents With Dementia Enjoy Very Special Guest When Visits Are Restricted - a Miniature Horse
126   NY virus deaths hit 2-week low
130   NYC Mayor Wants Hundreds of Thousands of Daily Virus Tests
7   NYC paramedic hospitalized with coronavirus sedated, breathing with ventilator as condition worsens, family says
155   Obama says White House response to coronavirus has been 'absolute chaotic disaster'
102   Oil Negotiators Race Against Clock to Get Oil Supply Deal Done
223   On the brink of starvation: How aid cuts by the US and its allies are pushing millions of people towards famine
71   Online Grocery Services Struggle to Meet Spike in Demand
67   Opinion - Just wear the mask - even you, Trump
26   Oregon Officials Estimate Social Distancing Effects; Transit Reduced
170   Oregon sees another record-breaking jump in coronavirus cases
164   Over 10 agonizing days, a migrant worker walked 1,250 miles home
150   Over 37,400 cases of COVID-19 in Florida; Death roll reaches 1,471
2500   Over 60% of Russians don't want Sputnik V vaccine, see coronavirus as biological weapon: Reuters poll
225   Pacific Island province is so frustrated with China's presence that it's pushing for independence
80   Passengers to be evacuated from Antarctic cruise ship after almost 60% test positive for coronavirus
369   Pavlich: Democrat's coronavirus class war
162   Philippines Reports 862 Additional Coronavirus Infections, Seven More Deaths
35   Phoenix police commander killed in shooting, two officers also wounded
1398   Photos of victims of the Indonesia Sriwijaya Air crash
55   Police get creative to stay safe and keep order as coronavirus spreads
19   Police to enforce virus lockdown with fines
98   Pope celebrates joy of Easter amid sorrow of virus, alone
195   Portland Police Declare Unlawful Assembly During Protest
52   Portugal Extends State of Emergency to Halt Spread of Coronavirus
253   Postal Service agrees to reverse service changes
249   Powered by trust on the pandemic Biden leads by12 points nationwide-POLL
191   President Trump undermines his pandemic response with more misinformation and self-obsession
321   President-elect Joe Biden hopes to halt border wall construction
11   Prince Charles tests positive for novel coronavirus
213   Protecting half the planet could help solve climate change and save species
1448   Put me on Team Woody Allen - Mia Farrow is full of it
161   Radio used by Titanic to make distress calls can be salvaged despite NOAA objections, judge rules
214   Record-breaking gravitational waves reveal that midsize black holes do exist
2503   Reports: NY officials altered count of nursing home deaths
328   Republican Outcry Over Trump's Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Grows
371   Republicans, Democrats reach compromise over Covid-19 stimulus package
124   Rice ATMs in Vietnam Are Dispensing Food for People Without Work Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
257   Roman Polanski honors Poles who saved him from the Holocaust
2494   Row over who represents coup-hit Myanmar at UN
202   Russia offers to help US with Covid-19 vaccine; US says no
192   Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Imminent, Source Says
182   Russian space official Safronov arrested for treason
280   Russians warned second wave may last months with winter threat
262   Salisbury novichok-poisoned officer Nick Bailey quits
1392   Scarce doses and empty vaccination centres: Germany's vaccine rollout headache
2481   Schumer says "we'll have the votes" to pass COVID relief bill in the Senate this week
305   Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90
212   Search for Intelligent Life In The Universe Intensifies
82   Sears, Pennys stores may not survive because of coronavirus
2   Senate closes in on massive, bipartisan deal to address coronavirus crisis
1423   Seven years after his daughter was abducted he got a call: 'Is this my daddy?'
342   She called me!!!!!: Vice President-elect Kamala Harris phones California teen to thank him for painting her portrait
1414   She was murdered for catching an Indian priest and nun in a sex act. Three decades later, justice is served
54   Small Fines in Vietnam For No Masks But No Deaths Reported
1436   Some Europeans get choosy about which vaccines they want
234   South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border: Seoul
2474   Southeast Asian nations urge halt to violence in Myanmar
79   Spain coronavirus deaths rise for second day in a row
9   Spain overtakes China in Covid-19 deaths, rising to second worldwide
1391   Spain paralysed by snowstorm, sends out vaccine, food convoys
17   Spain reports 655 deaths in a day: Coronavirus updates
1403   Speeding driver kills woman and left another woman disabled for live
355   States submit vaccine orders as coronavirus death toll grows
357   States will start getting COVID-19 vaccine Monday, US says
1444   Stimulus bill now taking shape: Every important thing happening, including $1,400 check
123   Stimulus Checks: How Yours Can Be Delayed If You Used a Tax Preparation Company
23   Stocks open big drop on Wall Street after a big 3-day rally
148   Sudan to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation
271   Suga takes barb at China in vow for 'free and open Indo-Pacific'
2487   Supreme Court likely to uphold Arizona voting restrictions
339   Supreme Court rules against NY coronavirus restrictions
350   Sweden: Mother suspected of locking up her son for 28 years
238   Tax bombshell reveals Trump's image is a sham
336   Taylor Swift wins top prize at AMAs, says she's re-recording music
324   Temperature concerns could slow the rollout of new coronavirus vaccines
256   Thai protests: Tens of thousands gather again in mass defiance of government
1407   Thailand demonstrates its inhumanity sentencing a woman to 43 years in prison for insulting the Thai monarchy
181   The 'silent majority' is speaking on coronavirus and Trump is on the other side
1418   The Biden Administration Is Working To Buy 200 Million More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses
140   The dumbest thing Rudy Giuliani many have yet uttered about the coronavirus
1456   The Latest: Fauci: Whatever vaccine is available, take it
1431   The new use for abandoned oil rigs
1427   The real shock of the GameStop mania was that it didn't happen sooner
363   The White House should order production of 1 billion vaccine doses
286   They’re Afraid. They’re Buying Guns. But They’re Not Voting for Trump
2482   Third stimulus check: How soon might you receive a $1,400 check?
1410   Third stimulus check: When could you get a $1,400 check?
1412   Third stimulus check: When might Americans receive $1,400 payments?
216   Three Belarus women disappear who stood up to Europe's longest-serving dictator.
1449   Three children injured when car drives into Saugus day-care center
269   Three, two, one liftoff: Bezos space firm tests new lunar landing
2467   Tiger Woods touched by red shirt tribute after rollover crash
1399   TikTok Users Under Age 16 account set to Private
294   Tilting tanker off coast of Venezuela could spill 1.3 million barrels of oil into Atlantic
137   To avoid work, a man calls in a bomb threat
362   Tom Cruise yells at 'Mission: Impossible' crew over breaking COVID-19 rules in leaked audio
2458   Trapped in Germany's COVID nightmare
62   Trump administration determined to exit treaty reducing risk of war
226   Trump ally Lindsey Graham thinks the President should release tax returns
275   Trump and Biden likely won't answer these questions before Nov. 3. Let's ask anyway
310   Trump and Republicans have hijacked America
39   Trump attacks journalists for asking 'snarky' questions on coronavirus testing in US
76   Trump blasts world health group, defends early virus steps
245   Trump calls Kamala Harris 'monster' and 'communist' in Fox tirade after VP debate
218   Trump candidly tells Bob Woodward he knew long ago COVID-19 was deadly
59   Trump decapitating intelligence leadership amid coronavirus crisis - Schiff
5   Trump downplays coronavirus threat again, even as number of cases in U.S. surges
84   Trump dumps World Health Organization
198   Trump escorted from briefing after shooting outside White House
88   Trump Feels No Need for Crisis Counsel From Predecessors
224   Trump fumbles during tough encounter with undecided voters
179   Trump Having Major Problems With Europe's Leaders
190   Trump is calling protesters who disagree with him terrorists. That puts him in the company of the world's autocrats
32   Trump is self-isolating at his safe space: Fox News
197   Trump issues order to ban dealings with TikTok's Chinese owner
112   Trump Loses Temper with Female Reporter
167   Trump makes baseless claim about man, 75, shoved by police: 'Could be a set-up?'
151   Trump officials try to enlist foreign allies in pressure campaign against China over coronavirus response
340   Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe
66   Trump pitches drug unapproved for coronavirus
236   Trump poised to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg's seat
210   Trump provides no proof of plane full of 'thugs'
183   Trump publicly criticizes Fauci to discredit him
233   Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day
193   Trump says he will ban TikTok
133   Trump Says Heat And Humidity Could Help Fight Virus
33   Trump says of N.Y. Gov. Cuomo: 'I wouldn't mind running against Andrew'
147   Trump says US closer to testing international air travelers
105   Trump should have seen the disaster of coronavirus coming
376   Trump signs massive measure funding government, COVID relief
180   Trump turns clock back 155 years with Confederacy-inspired election strategy
8   Trump vows to lift coronavirus restrictions by Easter, says NYC is a 'hot spot'
136   Trump wrongly suggests sunlight could help cure coronavirus
114   Trump's big show of opening the economy will hide the real story
189   Trump's briefings are becoming absurd
219   Trump's historic dereliction of duty laid bare
4   Trump, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus rescue bill
153   Two Men Have Been Arrested in the connection of Strangling Deaths of Sister Nurses
2471   Two of the most powerful economic voices in America disagree on a tax for the uber-rich
158   U.S. Accuses China of Hacking Coronavirus Research, Undermining Vaccine Development
359   U.S. begins shipping Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine
1394   U.S. Capitol siege a 'wake-up call' for democracies, top EU diplomat says
309   U.S. judge in to decide if drive-through votes already cast should be voided in Texas
317   U.S. notches up more COVID-19 case and hospitalization records
333   U.S. Passes 12 Million Confirmed Coronavirus Cases
74   U.S. Records Deadliest Day as Coronavirus Cases Near 400,000
56   U.S. Sees Deadliest Days as Coronavirus Deaths Top 7,000
285   U.S. State Department halts all diversity training after Trump’s directive
345   U.S. vaccine plans take shape but no let-up on restrictions
2465   U.S., E.U. set to impose sanctions on Russia
354   UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use
166   UK coronavirus death toll tops 50,000, new data shows
14   UK coronavirus home testing to be made available to millions
200   UK crashes into deepest recession of any major economy
2459   UK not prepared for Hong Kong migration
86   UK Prime Minister 'stable' on deadliest day so far
22   UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson testing positive for the coronavirus
186   Ukraine: Gunman holds 20 hostages on bus in Lutsk
174   United States has Covid19 virus resurgence
83   United States to administer UK 100,000 coronavirus tests a day
139   US Air Force pulls bombers from Guam
1417   US boosting vaccine deliveries amid complaints of shortages
12   US coronavirus death toll crosses 1,000
2505   US demands Myanmar release detained journalists, protesters
29   US extends coronavirus guidelines, Olympics set new date
204   US FDA announces emergency authorization for convalescent plasma to treat Covid-19
21   US has most known coronavirus cases worldwide, but just the beginning of the battle
175   US imposes visa restrictions on Chinese officials over Hong Kong security law
2506   US job growth likely rose in February in rebound from slump
107   US overtakes Italy as country with highest number of coronavirus deaths
348   US probing potential bribery, lobbying scheme for pardon
1384   US registering highest deaths yet from the coronavirus
37   US stock futures and Asian markets are up following China data, Monday's gains
325   US troops in Afghanistan: Allies and Republicans alarmed at withdrawal plan
268   US woman faces first federal execution since 1953
87   US-Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station
143   USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared
368   Utilizing the International Space Station to enable humans to reach Mars
1447   Vacant stores next door make NYC businesses burglary targets
1439   Vaccinated COVID-19 Patients Appear Less Contagious; Arthritis Drug in Spotlight
2463   Vaccinating Oldest First for COVID Saves the Most Lives: Study
384   Vaccination campaign picks up speed around the world
299   Van full of explosives found in Philadelphia following week of social unrest
91   VIDEO: Prime Minister is 'walking again' as coronavirus recovery continues
297   Vigil set for bicyclist killed in east Las Vegas
1437   Village at center of India glacier collapse warned of impending disaster for decades
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276   Woman Finds Man Murdered in Kansas City Alley
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95   World celebrates Easter despite lockdown
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288   Young woman dies after being found alive at funeral home