May 11 2021
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Desolate New York: eerie photos of a ghost metropolis

Published on April 4, 2020 10:49 PM
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New York has grown from a tiny New World trading post to a muscular global metropolis whose very name evokes dynamism and fierce, unruly vitality. It has survived booms, busts, world wars, the threat of cold war nuclear annihilation, 911, gentrification and more, and thrived. The city swallows people of every nation and language and spits out New Yorkers it generates vast fortunes and it is responsible for a dazzling expression of art, literature, music and intellectual life. By comparison many other world capitals feel like sleepy museum exhibitions.Now, however, this city of eight million people has met its match a deadly virus, invisible to the human eye and ruthlessly efficient. Covid19 has stretched New Yorks health infrastructure to breaking point. Every day cases, and deaths, mount. A military hospital ship is docked, imposingly, in New York harbor. There are field hospitals in Central Park. Millions of New Yorkers have shut themselves into their homes.

This is a city under quarantine. No longer were there individual destinies, Albert Camus writes in The Plague Only a collective destiny, made of plague and emotions shared by all.

n Woody Allens film Manhattan, the narrator found it impossible to look at the city without feeling that it pulsated to ...

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