June 23 2021
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Published on April 1, 2020 12:14 PM

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How you can help
Weâ??re putting together the next episode of Anywhere but Westminsterâ??s Life in Lockdown series. Please keep sending us video and information about how youâ??re experiencing any aspect of the coronavirus crisis: itâ??s essential to how we are portraying the condition of the country.

The next film will focus on family life during the crisis â?? the issues, pressures, problems (and comforts) people are experiencing as they live through this time alongside their nearest and dearest. Weâ??re asking for video footage, as well as any information about people, places and issues we should cover.

How does everyday family life work in the absence of school? Whatâ??s it like self-isolating with your parents, or grandparents? How do a range of things, from special educational needs to visiting rights, work in these strange times? Are you separated from close family members, and how do you keep in touch? How are teenagers coping? And what of play, leisure, and time out from each otherâ??s company?

How to shoot video: If you fancy sending some video, please shoot landscape rather than portrait. And itâ??s hugely important that you observe the physical distancing rules.