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Published on April 1, 2020 12:12 PM

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Connecticutâ??s governor is warning residents that a â??horrible monthâ?쳌 lies ahead as the national stockpile of equipment to fight the coronavirus outbreak has run empty.

Gov. Ned Lamontâ??s declaration Tuesday means Connecticut â?? for the time being â?? won't get any personal protective equipment or ventilators from the federal government outside of the 50 it recently obtained, according to the CT Mirror.

â??The national strategic stockpile is empty,â?쳌 Lamont said, noting that his state is now turning to other sources in a race to secure the supplies. â??For now, weâ??re on our own.â?쳌

He compared the equipment shortage to feeling â??like a general sending troops into battle without the protective gear they deserve.â?쳌

As of Wednesday, Connecticut has 3,128 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 69 deaths, statistics from Johns Hopkins University show.

Hospitals in Fairfield County are now reportedly nearing capacity, although beds remain available throughout the rest of the state.

Connecticut, like other states in the northeast, is trying to contain the outbreak by ordering the closure of non-essential businesses and is advising residents to stay indoors.