June 24 2021
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Published on March 30, 2020 10:23 PM

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As New York state death toll from the coronavirus outbreak passed 1,000, New Yorkers continued to battle Covid-19 through social isolation and self-quarantine, making the city's typically busy streets and public areas eerily quiet.

After the completion of the Oculus, the striking transit hub at Ground Zero, the architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed it, said that he envisioned the building as a gift to New Yorkers and a memorial to the city?s resilience. ?This is what I was trying to do with Ground Zero, to have a building to celebrate the day-by-day with three hundred thousand or even more users. And hoping that, when they use it, they think, ?New York is the best place,? ? he said. Now, like most of New York City?s other public places, the bright white atrium of the Oculus is all but empty, as residents who can are staying home to staunch the spread of covid-19. The video above offers a virtual tour of some of New York?s most iconic places, now eerily quiet.