May 8 2021
2:50 AM
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Police Investigated After Video Confiscating Black Teens' Bikes Goes Viral

   April 29, 2021 8:21 AM
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Police Take Black Teen Into Custody After Confiscating His Bike Perth Amboy police take bike, cuff Black youth, sparking anger
After a video went viral of cops stopping a group of minority teenagers to confiscate their bikes and handcuff one Black teen in the group, local prosecutors have opened an investigation of the police unit.

According to a report from New Jersey Advance Media, the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office announced they were looking into a New Jersey Perth Amboy police precinct after footage began to circulate online of their terse interaction with a group of bike-riding teens.

Hours prior, a brief clip of the incident was posted to TikTok and Twitter. It begins with police officers scolding the boys for not having paperwork to ride their bikes.

"I told you guys you're supposed to have licenses," a white officer says. "The sergeant warned you guys about your bikes."

Assisting officers are heard threatening the teens with arrests if they do not surrender their bikes. "Bruh ... take my s**t," one exasperated Black teen says. The video then cuts to him being handcuffed and taken to a nearby police car.


"How the f*ck do we need a license for a bike?' — Police in Perth Amboy, NJ, took a Black teen into custody and confiscated his bike after confronting him and his friends about bike licenses

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