June 24 2021
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Published on December 16, 2020 11:34 PM


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California Gov. Gavin Newsom sent residents of his state into another lockdown this week, arguing that issuing a stay-at-home order just one more time will get the spread of coronavirus under control.

"If there was ever any time to put aside your doubt, to put aside your skepticism, to put aside your cynicism to put aside your ideology, to put aside any consideration except this: Lives are in the balance. Lives will be lost unless we do more than we've ever done," Newsom said.

The new order comes just three weeks after Newsom was caught dining at one of America's most expensive and exclusive restaurants in wine country. First Newsom said the dinner, which featured nearly a dozen people, was held outdoors. He also said it was simply a dinner for a "friend."

It turns out, the dinner was held indoors. None of the participants were wearing masks and the event was a birthday party for lobbyist Jason Kinney. Adding insult to injury, other lobbyists at the table were from the health care industry, many of them "top brass doctors" in the state.

But being caught in the act of overwhelming hypocrisy with no punishment or real accountability, Newsom moved to hurt business owners and their workers. He did so in the name of "science" and public health, without providing data to prove the establishments he has targeted are responsible for the spread of disease. Democrat mayors like Los Angeles' Eric Garcetti have been more than happy to enforce Newsom's decrees and have issued little sympathy to those being crushed by hypocrites.

One of those people is Angela Marsden, the owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill. After spending thousands of dollars to comply with California's health regulations, she was forced to close her outdoor dining space. During a trip to her business this week, she noticed a movie company set up a 200-person dining tent in her parking lot, right across from her outdoor patio where she is currently banned from serving customers. The movie company, which is part of an industry dominated by Democrat Party donors, was given an exception. She, and her lower-to-middle class workers, were not.

"I have 10 people working for me who I had to tell have no jobs, right before Christmas with no notice," Marsden said. "You're living in La-la Land if you think the rest of us, the middle class and the lower-middle class, can actually stay at home ... I have a single mom with a child who can't pay her rent. I've got a new hire because we actually got busy in October with the patio and it looked like things were going to turn around, who is couch surfing because she no longer has an apartment and her unemployment has run out. It is ridiculous."