June 23 2021
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Published on November 27, 2020 12:19 AM

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EU foreign and defence ministers meeting by teleconference on Thursday and Friday will receive the bloc's first annual report on joint defence capabilities, expected to serve as the basis for a French-led, post-Brexit, post-Trump effort to turn the EU into a stand-alone military power.

President-elect Joe Biden will halt his predecessor's confrontational rhetoric towards allies, but he is not going to alter the underlying U.S. message that Europe needs to contribute more to its own defence, European diplomats say.

"We aren't in the old status quo, where we can pretend that the Donald Trump presidency never existed and the world was the same as four years ago," a French diplomat said.

An EU official said Biden's victory was "a call to Europe to keep building a common EU defence, to be a useful and a strong ally, also for the NATO alliance."

The EU has been working since December 2017 to develop more firepower independently of the United States. The effort has been driven mainly by France, the EU's remaining major military power after Brexit.