May 17 2021
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Published on March 30, 2020 12:28 PM

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President Trump's go-to move in a crisis is always the same: to call Fox News.

On Monday morning he called into "Fox & Friends," one of his most reliable sources of support, and praised his own response to the pandemic.
It was Trump's third interview on Fox in the past week, and it was more of the same: He talked for 54 minutes with hardly a tough question or assertive follow-up.

If the ratings-conscious president had wanted to reach a bigger audience, he would have called into the "Today" show or "Good Morning America." If he had wanted to be heard on the global stage, he would have granted an interview to CNN.
His decision to stay on Fox suggest he wants to shore up his base รข?? and avoid difficult

To be fair, Trump has been participating in near-daily briefings at the White House with members of his coronavirus task force. He has quarreled with multiple reporters at the briefings and bristled when they pressed him about his handling of the crisis.

But the briefing dynamic is different than a traditional interview. As the crisis has deepened and the death toll has risen, Trump's only national TV interviews have been with Fox News.

He sat down for a "virtual town hall" with Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer at the White House on March 24. Fox anchor Harris Faulkner also participated remotely. Hemmer and Faulkner were widely ...