March 8 2021
9:05 AM
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China is testing millions of people in Xinjiang for Covid-19 after one asymptomatic case found

   Tuesday October 27, 2020 - 5:15 AM
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(CNN) China has rolled out mass coronavirus testing for nearly 5 million people and imposed lockdown measures in the prefecture of Kashgar in the far western region of Xinjiang, after a single asymptomatic coronavirus case was reported on Saturday.

The testing drive has so far identified 137 additional cases -- and all are asymptomatic, according to Xinjiang's regional health commission. This is the highest daily number of asymptomatic Covid-19 cases reported in China in nearly seven months.
As of Sunday afternoon, some 2.8 million people have been tested. The government expects to finish testing all of Kashgar's 4.7 million population by Tuesday.

The outbreak is Xinjiang's second since China's initial wave of coronavirus infections was brought under control in March.
Home to 11 million Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority, the region has been subjected to a sweeping security and religious crackdown in recent years. The US State Department estimates that up to 2 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities could have been detained in internment camps.

During China's initial outbreak, Xinjiang was subjected to strict lockdown measures on par with those imposed in the city of Wuhan -- the original epicenter of the virus, despite having reported only ...

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