May 8 2021
2:44 AM
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Father asked school to report teen to police. Months later, she was allegedly raped

   April 1, 2021 1:41 AM
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by Jordan Baker

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Sexual assault among students Independent school principals dismissed the warning
The father of a 16-year-old girl who was raped by her schoolmate says her public high school failed to report the boy's intimidating behaviour to police in the months before the attack.

He called on the government to establish a database of schoolboys that have been charged with rape, sexual harassment or intimidation to ensure schools know if they need to keep an eye on particular students.

"The rape of our daughter was preventable," the father said. "Four days before our daughter was raped, we met the principal and asked her why this boy had not been spoken to by police.

"We had already written to the school asking them to report him and the other boys in writing to the police. They failed to do that and in doing so they utterly failed in their duty of care to our daughter. If the police had been properly brought in, this boy would not have dared go near our daughter."

A spokesperson for NSW Education said the department was investigating.

"We are deeply concerned by this tragic event and every allegation is being thoroughly investigated," the spokesperson said. "We cannot and will not rush an investigation of this importance.

"Should it become clear that any employee has engaged in misconduct, appropriate action would be taken against that employee."

On Friday public, Independent and Catholic schools signed a letter of intent aimed at tackling sexual assault among students. However some Independent school principals dismissed the statement as "political" and "cosmetic".

In October 2019, before his daughter was attacked, the father repeatedly wrote to senior staff at the high school in the greater Sydney area asking them to take action against a group of year 10 boys who were intimidating female students. At least one of these instances involved a rape threat.

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