May 7 2021
12:43 PM
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How can I find my $1,400 stimulus check? Track the third payment with a free IRS tool

   March 30, 2021 7:22 AM
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by Clifford Colby, Katie Conner, Shelby Brown

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What does the IRS Get My Payment tool say Deposit banking account information?
With 127 million people already receiving their third stimulus checks , we understand if you're starting to get anxious if yours hasn't arrived. But that could mean there's a holdup with the delivery of your $1,400 payment. The US Treasury and IRS might not have processed the payment and gotten it into the mail via paper check or EIP card. And how will you get your payment if you receive Social Security benefits like SSI and SSDI?

You can use the helpful IRS portal that can show if your check is processed and scheduled for delivery, as well as the payment form in which it will be sent. The tool is also useful for flagging any issues you need to address with the IRS or your bank.

However, the tool is limited in what it can tell you, including how often it updates information, how much money you should expect to receive and when you can expect a check to arrive on your doorstep. We explain everything about tracking your check. While you're here, this is the latest talk about a possible fourth stimulus check. And if you have children, brush up on our child tax credit payment FAQ. This story was recently updated.

The IRS stopped sending direct deposits March 24, but even before then, you couldn't use the Get My Payment tool to sign up for a new account or correct details about your payment. Even if the IRS is unable to deliver your payment to a bank account and the money is returned to the government, you won't be able to correct the details online -- the IRS says it will resend the money in the mail.

That's a departure from the first stimulus check, when the IRS encouraged people to register using this tool.

With the IRS officially extending the 2020 tax filing deadline to May 17 and delaying processing tax returns, trying to register for a new direct deposit account with your 2020 tax return won't get you into the system quickly enough, especially now that the IRS and Treasury have begun sending paper stimulus checks. However, if you haven't submitted your taxes yet, signing up for a new direct deposit account could still get you any tax refund faster, and it could also help you receive other benefits quicker, such as a future child tax credit. What does 'Payment Status Not Available' mean? Don't be alarmed if the Get My Payment tool gives you a message that says "Payment Status Not Available." You may see this message until your payment is processed, according to the IRS. So you may not have to do anything.

But it could also mean you're not eligible for a payment, according to the IRS. So you may want to double-check your eligibility and plug your numbers in our stimulus check calculator to see if you're due money.

I got a message that says 'Need More Information.' What does that mean? According to the IRS FAQ for the 2021 payment, a "Need More Information" message in the Get My Payment tool means your payment was returned because the US Postal Service wasn't able to deliver it.

The FAQ says you'll be able to have your payment reissued as a direct deposit by providing a routing and account number for a bank account, a prepaid debit card or a financial service account that has a routing and account number associated with it. The updated FAQ said you can also update your mailing address to receive your payment.

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