May 7 2021
12:18 PM
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Did Tanzania's Covid-denying leader die of the coronavirus? It's one of many questions he leaves behind

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by Stephanie Busari and Nimi Princewill, CNN

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Covid-19 Africa
(CNN)President John Magufuli, the Covid-denying leader of Tanzania, was said to have died from heart failure, which he apparently battled for more than a decade, according to the country's new president.

Samia Suluhu Hassan said Magufuli had been receiving treatment in a Tanzanian hospital when he died on Wednesday evening. However, opposition leaders insist Magufuli died of Covid-19 at least one week earlier.

Tundu Lissu, of the Chadema opposition party, said in an interview with a Kenyan broadcaster Thursday that Magufuli had died from Covid in early March.

"Magufuli died of corona," Lissu said, citing "credible government sources." "I received news of President Magufuli's passing without any surprise," he added.

"I had expected this all along, from the first day I tweeted on March 7... when I asked the question 'Where is President Magufuli and what is his state of health?' I had information from very credible sources in the government that the president was gravely ill with Covid-19 and his situation was actually very bad," Lissu said from his base in Belgium. CNN has contacted Lissu for further comment.

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