May 6 2021
6:45 AM
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Body camera captures moment Florida deputy finds missing girl with man in dark motel room

   March 20, 2021 2:27 AM
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by Adrian Mojica

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VOLUSIA, Fla (WZTV) — Body camera video shows the moment a Florida deputy rescued a missing teen from a motel room where she was found with a 22-year-old man she met online.

The Volusia Sheriff's Office released the tense video on Monday showing Deputy Royce James visiting motels and working with staff to find the 13-year-old girl who disappeared after school.

Her grandmother had called the police telling them she never came home and had missed her basketball game. Following leads, Deputy James was told by a friend of the teen the girl intended to go to a motel with someone she had met online from Orlando and that he was to pick her up at a Dollar General store.

After reviewing video from the store, Deputy James was able to identify the teen and then started hitting local motels

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