May 11 2021
7:30 AM
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Trump Loses Temper with Female Reporter

Published on April 13, 2020 10:57 PM
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Trumpâ??s Savage Response to Joe Bidenâ??s Latest Attack Leaves Media in Triggered Silence.

Five weeks after polling day, two days after the debate on the first presidential candidates and moments after the New York Times published explosive revelations about Donald Trumpâ??s taxes, the US president has targeted his Democratic opponent Joe Biden with a series of wild revelations and unproven accusations.

In an untargeted White House briefing, the president exposed baseless allegations, including that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, had used a â??performance enhancing drugâ?쳌 during the appearances.

Trump compared Bidenâ??s performance in primary debates, including, according to the president, that he was stronger in some debates than in others: â??People say he was taking performance-enhancing drugs. A lot of people have said that, â?쳌Trump said, without evidence. When challenged, Trump told reporters to â??check the internetâ?쳌 to see who was saying it. .

â??I will strongly request a drug test from Sleepy Joe Biden before or after Tuesday nightâ??s debate,â?쳌 Trump later wrote on Twitter.


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