May 11 2021
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Half of China's Infections on Saturday Came From an International Flight

Published on April 12, 2020 6:42 AM
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More than half of the coronavirus infections reported by China on Sunday stemmed from a Russian flight to Shanghai on April 10, underscoring the possible severity of the outbreak in Russia.

Shanghai's Municipal Health Commission said 51 of 52 imported cases on Saturday were of Chinese nationals who were diagnosed to have Covid-19 after they landed in the city. The travelers accounted for more than half of 97 imported infections China disclosed on Sunday morning. No other information was provided about the flight.

Ninety-two people linked to the Russian flight have been tracked and quarantined, Shanghai authorities said. It's not clear why the Chinese nationals were in Russia.

Russia has emerged as a fresh source of imported virus infections for China, which seems to have tamed its own outbreak and has now pivoted toward staving off cases from elsewhere. China has grounded all but one inbound flight per week for foreign airlines in a bid to ...

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