December 7 2021
7:39 AM
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A California couple died of Covid-19 weeks apart, orphaning 5 young children including a newborn

Story by Cheri Mossburg and Amir Vera

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Published on September 14, 2021 4:44 AM
Daniel and Davy Macias spent 18 months being very cautious about Covid-19.

They wiped down surfaces, showered after work and even had their groceries delivered, but that didn't stop them from contracting the virus.

Davy Macias, a Southern California labor and delivery nurse, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child in early August when she was hospitalized with Covid-19. Daniel Macias also contracted the virus.

Doctors helped Davy Macias, 37, deliver the newborn early by Cesarean section while she was intubated, but she died before she could meet her baby.

Daniel Macias, 38, was being treated in the same hospital when he learned about the birth of his daughter. Nurses showed him photos of the baby, before he too died from complications of the virus less than two weeks later, leaving the newborn girl without parents or a name.

When the hospital called asking for the baby's name, Terry Macias, the grandmother who is now caring for the five children, told them: "I'll wait for my son to name her."

She has yet to be named. For now, like the hospital did, the family calls her Baby Girl...