Easy Online Publishing Job
January 23 2022
7:48 PM
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You should read and write ENGLISH to publish

All stories and announcements must be in English

Earn money as you post stories into our simple news templates. You can practice first. Take your time.

Or post your own story. We do not charge for your announcements or news stories. This service is free.

To create a free publishing account, it's best to first read our overview below:

You can publish any of the following:

There is no charge to write and post your articles, links, and news stories.
Is it difficult for your story to be published? No, unless you are sloppy, unprofessional, crude or can't follow simple directions.

Publishing on The Oregon Herald is a unique option providing you follow our simple guidelines. You don't need to know how to program and you do not need to be a good writer, just an honest writer. Simply follow our easy templates. It's easy.

Our publishing service is INTERNATIONAL. Anyone anywhere can publish or post stories from anywhere from your local area, and about most anything around the world. However, what you write needs to serve the public's interest or inform them in a professional manner.

The exception is personal blogs and other such subjects which will be available to our reader’s in a separate area.

You'll be able to practice entering news stories until you're ready to submit a story, idea, announcement, etc. Once you have read the overview below, you'll be on your way to publish. Those who we trust will be able to post stories without first submitting for approval. There is no limit on the number of stories, articles, blogs, ideas, announcements you publish, or news stories from other sources you publish.


Perhaps you want to write an original news story, opinion, or a gripe. Find interesting stories and post them using our templates. No writing required... That’s what this is really all about. Anyone with average intelligence who can read English can post and earn a little money, get paid if that is your primary interest.

It's not much but maybe it will help as you stay home during the Global Pandemic
Getting paid to do the following:



The Oregon Herald does not pay for your original stories. There are no exceptions. We pay a small amount only for posting part of stories from other sources with a link back to the source and under Fair Use guidelines.

After registration and email verification, use our templates to publish a story. If you can read English fairly well then you should have no problem. But for some it’s going to take practice to get it right and be published. Others can get published in just three minutes. If you can follow simple templates and have a good eye for what looks good, this will be easy. We need to write help files and make videos to help you better understand the process.

We are a non-profit, non-commercial news publishing business. We will not lower our journalistic standards just to publish. The ability to publish includes the following kinds of people:


Those who want to post stories from other sources and be paid for each story published. We don’t pay much, just a few cents per story but it’s a way for people who have nothing better to do to get involved with the latest news stories. Just find a recent interesting story anywhere on the net and post it on our online newspaper. We give you links to existing news sites.

Maybe you want to post mostly inspirational stories from the last few years, or stories about covid, global warming, and history. Or perhaps you want to be our BIOGRAPHY expert and post biographies. There are tens of thousands just waiting to be published.

In this case you are NOT required to actually write stories. You simply gather news and stories found on the internet and post each one using our templates. You can practice so don't be worried. We use FAIR USE guildelines so we generally post only a small part of the news story. That helps the original source and also helps us.

We will pay you to post stories. You do this online, from your home. You do not need to be a writer. But you do need to read English and understand English fairly well. You also need to follow our prepared templates. And that will make your job easy. We pay after you have earned at least $20. We pay by the story you submit and if it is published. Each time your story is published, the score and amount you have earned will be displayed to you.

In most cases, you will use only part of a story from an outside source and automatically provide a link back to the story source. You ALWAYS need to add the source and give credit to the author, and image credit as well. Our templates make it easy. Those original story sources get more traffic and we get to post interesting stories and links to the original story for our readers. We follow Fair Use guidelines. We require you to be professional and accurate; and to use standard journalistic practices. We all make mistakes, even the editor, as you will find in some of our stories.

You will be required to post the entire story and save it. However, we will automatically truncate it at about a third or so, depending on the story category and source. That’s an option we have yet to write but it’s not difficult. Once the story has been cut and pasted into our template from the source or if you write a story well by reading several sources and give credit when needed and check everything for accuracy and you are totally satisfied, you can then submit it for publication. We will approve if we are satisfied. If not, you can continue to work on it. By default you will include images for the story. That’s easy. All you need is the image source and paste it into our template. Our templates do all the work.

Those who wish to post announcements and news releases. As long as the story is real, well written with the correct information then we will probably publish it. This includes political and legislative announcements, meetings, gatherings, etc. In fact just about any kind of announcement for your area, anywhere.

Perhaps you have a complaint about something. Maybe you what to write about global warming, climate change, politics, COVID-19. There is so much.


BLOGS are popular. Get yourself published where your history and ideas will be saved for future reading.

Writers who want to publish a news story or blog. So here’s your chance to become a writer. And get your name published. However we will not lower our journalistic professionalism. If you can’t spell or know how to write a decent sentence then do not choose this option. It’s only for good riders. And people who will follow our basic guidelines.

We have written a comprehensive set of templates for you to use, to make it easy for you. As long as you can follow those guidelines you should have minimal problems. However at first you are bound to make mistakes. If you make too many mistakes and this is not for you then we will let you know and block your access if you are here to cause problems. That may sound harsh but we are serious about quality.

As an example, perhaps you only want to write biographies. And post them. We will offer a specialized template just for biographies. In all cases we need to follow posted copyright notices. If the story is copyrighted by the source then we may not use it. For biographies we use Wikipedia mostly and each biography story has a full legal notice of the source from Wikipedia.

Please understand that we are now just getting started for the first part of September 2021. There will be bugs and errors and changes. So consider yourself somewhat of a beta tester. Just report errors with a screenshot back to us.

We plan to write comprehensive instructions and later perhaps provide videos for those who would like to more easily understand what’s going on and how to do it. We will also need a volunteer manager to sift through submissions and approve or not.


There are many different news categories. Only those who are careful will be published.
If you have problems please contact The Oregon Herald.