June 20 2021
7:55 AM
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Published on June 4, 2021 3:35 AM

by Jim Maxey

by Jim Maxey April, 2016

Sunset peeks through with scarlet flashes
Faded curtains shine from golden light
Seen through clear eyes, wet lashes
A solitary lifetime will consume my night

I sigh, turn my head not so soon to dream
Faceless staff walk hallways like inquisitors
Resting now, what will tomorrow bring
More of the same with no visitors

Annie brought flowers this weekend
She's half my age with smiles my way
She can always transform a melancholy day
This lady named Annie is my only friend

There are others who may come by
With needles and pills, state paid doctor bills
Some have ready smiles, uniform ways
But they only see an old woman to die

But Annie talks of happy times, not sleeping pills
About holding hands with husband in bed
They greet Spring with roses and daffodils
Enjoy home-baked potatoes and cornbread

So many memories like flying kites in Somerville
But sometimes her words can make me cry
Cause I never had a husband or picked a daffodil
Seems everyone is gone or ready to die

This letter is to the husband I never knew
To the silly faced kids I'll never know
What would life have been with you
If I had said yes instead of no

Down country roads, meadows and streams
Rise above clouds, atop some bright hill
We'd be able to love, if only in dreams
The simple fragrance of a yellow daffodil