June 17 2021
2:42 PM
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Published on June 1, 2021 3:19 AM

by The Oregon Herald Staff
24-Year-Old Plunges to Her Death at Rooftop Party Maybe roofs aren’t for everyone, especially if you’ve been drinking.
24-Year-Old Cameron Perrelli Falls To Her Death At East Village Rooftop Party
NEW YORK — Over the weekend, there was a tragedy at a rooftop party in the East Village. According to police, a young woman lost her balance and plummeted to her death.

Michael Perrelli and other family members came to Avenue A to pay their respects to his niece, Cameron Perrelli. The 24-year-old perished early Saturday morning while attempting to cross a rooftop to another.

Flowers and an angel statue have been placed in front of the structure. Michael Perrelli expressed his wish that something like this does not happen again.

"But if we can save someone else's child, someone else's sister or brother, niece, granddaughter, whichever, so that this never happens again, because it's not safe for these kids to party on rooftops," he said.

Michael Perrelli spoke with Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, who said these sorts of gatherings are part of a growing trend.

"Many of the rooftop parties that have sprung up in the East Village as the weather has warmed up have simply gotten out of hand," Rivera said.

She said intends to present legislation to provide better oversight.

"We do want to make sure that we understand which rooftops are legal, what is their capacity, their use, what sort of safety mechanisms are in place. How do we hold landlords accountable," Rivera said.

Throughout the East Village, there are plenty of people who have partied on rooftops. Some admit it can get dangerous.

"The buildings definitely aren't set up to be hosting parties, but I think within caution," said East Village resident Delaney Laux.

"I just think there are no clubs open, so people are making their own clubs on the roof," added resident James Mossman.

"I honestly don't see any problem with them," resident Hilary Sherpa said.

"I would say they're definitely more popular now. Since COVID, it's like an outdoor space. I'd say we've just been cautious, like when we do go," added Addi Halligan.

For now, police say they're still investigating the circumstances behind the accident.