August 2 2021
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Saturday March 20, 2021 - Times viewed: 729
Why So Many Politicians Are Such A--holes
Politicians have devoted their professional lives to the art of public persuasion. Reputation is everything. Success hinges on getting as many people as possible to view their ideas and their life stories as sympathetically as possible. Sounds simple enough. But here is a puzzle: Why are so many people in the business of being likable actually so unlikable? Not unlikable merely in the awkward, eye-rolling, prefer-not-to-spend-much-time-wi ...
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Saturday March 20, 2021 - Times viewed: 690
Could Putin Launch Another Invasion?
A trained KGB agent, Vladimir Putin knows how to hide his feelings, but in 2013, after former President Barack Obama described him looking like “the bored kid in the back of the classroom,” Putin let it be known that he was furious. And rightly so: kids in the back of the room are rarely ambitious. Putin, from day one of his rule 21 years ago, has had big, ambitious plans for himself and for Russia. A far greater Soviet patriot than a Russian ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 705
Georgia Republicans make unexpected push on another bill to restrict voting
(CNN)A key committee in the Republican-controlled Georgia legislature on Wednesday made a surprise move and began work on a massive new voting bill that would give the state broad powers over local election officials, set limits on weekend early voting and add voter ID requirements for absentee ballots. Word of a new 93-page bill came about an hour before a scheduled hearing of a special election integrity committee in the Georgia House, and i ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 719
Intelligence report contradicts claims by Trump and his team on China election interference
Washington (CNN)The US intelligence report released Tuesday detailing foreign election interference in the 2020 election contradicts repeated statements from former President Donald Trump and senior members of his administration that China -- and not Russia -- was the top foreign threat to the integrity of the election. The report also raises questions about the effort from Senate Republicans to investigate the Bidens and Ukraine, a probe that ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 815
Man arrested outside Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence and had rifle and ammunition in car
(CNN)Washington, DC, police arrested a Texas man outside Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence, the US Naval Observatory, in the nation's capital on Wednesday and he's now facing weapons and ammunition charges. A spokesperson for Washington's Metropolitan Police said officers responded "at approximately 12:12 pm, to the 3400 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW in reference to a suspicious person based on an intelligence bulletin that ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 703
Fact check: Biden wrong on three statistics he cited in ABC interview
Washington (CNN)President Joe Biden sat for an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday. Biden was generally factual in the interview, much of which aired on Wednesday. But he was wrong on three statistical claims. The context around two of these inaccurate claims suggests they may have been slips rather than purposeful lies. And on the third claim, regarding the history of the Senate filibuster, Biden explicitly told Stephan ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 723
White supremacy and hate are haunting Asian Americans
(CNN)In one sense, it's immaterial whether the accused killer in the Atlanta spa shootings admits to a racist motivation. Asian Americans, already traumatized by a rising tide of hate, violence and rhetoric, have been living in fear for months. The murders of eight people, including six Asian women, among them four South Koreans, further disoriented and horrified a community already unfairly stigmatized by racial association during a pandemic ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 691
Biden on US meeting looming Afghanistan withdrawal deadline: 'Could happen, but it is tough'
Washington (CNN)President Joe Biden said he is still making a decision on withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan ahead of a May 1 deadline set by former President Donald Trump, saying it "could happen, but it is tough." "I'm in the process of making that decision now as to when they'll leave. The fact is, that was not a very solidly negotiated deal that the President, the former President, worked out. So we're in consultation with our alli ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 721
Fact-checking GOP claims that people on terror watch list are 'rushing' the border
(CNN)Amid a significant increase in the number of migrants showing up at the US southern border, a group of Republican lawmakers spoke on Monday in El Paso, Texas, to criticize the Biden administration's immigration policy. Among the more notable claims made were comments from GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy, who said that people on the terror watch list were now attempting to enter the US through the southern border. "They're now finding p ...
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Thursday March 18, 2021 - Times viewed: 686
IRS plans to delay this year's tax filing deadline to mid-May
(CNN)The Internal Revenue Service plans to delay this year's tax filing deadline by roughly a month, to mid-May. Democratic Reps. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey and Richard Neal of Massachusetts, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said that the new deadline would be May 17. The IRS late Wednesday put out a statement confirming the date change. An official familiar with the plans earlier told CNN the decision was made in order ...
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Wednesday March 17, 2021 - Times viewed: 690
Biden says Putin 'will pay a price' for Russian efforts to undermine the 2020 US election
Washington (CNN)President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin "will pay a price" for his efforts to undermine the 2020 US election following a landmark American intelligence assessment which found that the Russian government meddled in the 2020 election with the aim of "denigrating" Biden's candidacy. "He will pay a price," Biden said of Putin in an interview that aired Wednesday on ABC's "Good Morning America". "We had a long talk, he and I, and re ...
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Wednesday March 17, 2021 - Times viewed: 781
House to vote on joint resolution to remove ERA deadline
(CNN)The House is pushing forward with a joint resolution to remove a deadline for states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, after a recent federal court ruling said the deadline for the ERA expired long ago. Proponents of the ERA believe the court ruling signaled that it's now up to Congress to validate their argument that the ERA has already been ratified and should be published as the Constitution's 28th Amendment. But opponents say Cong ...
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Wednesday March 17, 2021 - Times viewed: 674
Mayorkas faces lawmakers amid unaccompanied-migrant crisis at the border
(CNN)Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will appear before lawmakers Wednesday morning, where he is expected to face questions about the ongoing influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border. His appearance before the House Homeland Security Committee comes as the Biden administration struggles to accommodate the growing number of children crossing the US-Mexico border alone against the backdrop of a pandemic that's strained resources ...
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Wednesday March 17, 2021 - Times viewed: 683
A year into the pandemic, Florida is booming and Republican Gov. DeSantis is taking credit
St. Petersburg, Florida (CNN)After a year of criticism by health experts, mockery from comedians and blistering critiques from political rivals, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is standing unabashedly tall among the nation's governors on the front lines of the coronavirus fight. "Everyone told me I was wrong," DeSantis, a Republican, said in a fundraising appeal on Tuesday, drawing attention to his defiance against the pandemic. "I faced continued p ...
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Wednesday March 17, 2021 - Times viewed: 698
New US intel report shows Russia, Trump and GOP acolytes have same goals
(CNN)A new US intelligence report that finds Russia interfered in the 2020 election to help Donald Trump and hurt Joe Biden also underscores a fundamental truth: The gravest threat to US democracy comes from within. The report, released by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, finds that Moscow sought to inject misleading information about Biden into the campaign through officials and others close to Trump. The real bombshell it c ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 702
GOP using political gaslighting to attack democracy
In Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” Antony declared Brutus’ stabbing of Caesar the “most unkindest cut of all” because Brutus had been a trusted friend and one-time supporter of Caesar. Political gaslighting is one of the most unkindest cuts of all because most of the victims of its insidious lies and misrepresentations are constituents who trust and support those gaslighting politicians. Interpersonal gaslighting differs from political gasli ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 673
Schumer keeps pressure on Biden to cancel $50,000 in student loan debt
Washington (CNN)Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is keeping the pressure on President Joe Biden to forgive $50,000 in federal student loan debt. The New York Democrat said Monday that the Justice Department is currently conducting a legal review on whether Biden has the authority to issue blanket forgiveness on student debt. But Biden has repeatedly resisted calls from Schumer and other Democrats like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 674
Here's what you need to know about the new stimulus child tax credit
(CNN)The $1.9 trillion relief package signed by President Joe Biden greatly enhances the federal child tax credit for one year, allowing millions more families to benefit and lifting millions of children out of poverty. The stimulus package raises the size of the credit, makes it fully refundable so more households can qualify and calls for it to be sent out in periodic payments rather than rolled into regular tax-time refunds -- a dramatic sh ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 690
The new stimulus plan could affect your 2020 taxes. Here's how
As welcome as the American Rescue Plan is for many people, the fact that it was signed into law in the middle of tax filing season raises a number of questions. That's because some provisions may affect how you should prepare your 2020 tax return, including calculating the size of your refund. And nearly 56 million people have already filed as of March 5. Here's what we know so far. Tax free unemployment benefits The main provision in t ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 683
Family torn apart as they speak to investigators about father's participation in Capitol riot
(CNN)A 16-year-old testified against her father in court on Monday, as prosecutors used against him what they had learned from his children about his resolve to take part in the US Capitol riot. "My heart is broken. I see people in your family suffering. I see an American family suffering," Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui said at the hearing in Washington on Monday about how politics -- and the Capitol riot -- has divided American families. Du ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 666
Former coronavirus testing czar urges Trump to encourage vaccinations
(CNN)The Trump administration's coronavirus testing czar on Monday called on former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence to encourage vaccinations in light of data indicating many Republicans do not intend to get inoculated against Covid-19. "I think it's very important for former President Trump as well as the vice president, to actively encourage all the followers to get the vaccine," Adm. Brett Giroir told CNN's Jake ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 696
Agency review finds some Trump administration CDC guidance was not grounded in science or free from undue influence
(CNN)A review of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Covid-19 guidance has found that some of the agency's guidance during the Trump administration was not grounded in science or free from undue influence, according to a statement from a CDC spokesperson. The review found that some guidance "used less direct language than available evidence supported," "needed to be updated to reflect the latest scientific evidence" and "presen ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 700
Brother of star witness in Trump's first impeachment set to be promoted by the Army
(CNN)Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, whose brother Alex was a star witness in the House impeachment inquiry, is set to be promoted to colonel after overcoming alleged retaliation efforts by the Trump White House, a person familiar with the matter said. Vindman, an Army JAG attorney who served as the ethics counsel on the National Security Council during the Trump administration, is expected to be included on the Army's promotion list that will ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 697
Fact check: Republican congresswoman didn't take credit for the relief bill she voted against
Washington (CNN)A Republican member of Congress, Rep. María Elvira Salazar of Florida, has faced withering attacks on Twitter for supposedly taking credit on Friday for a part of the American Rescue Plan, the pandemic relief bill she voted against. A Republican senator, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, had been accurately criticized on similar grounds two days prior. But the criticism of Salazar is inaccurate. Here are the facts. On Friday, th ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 696
North Korea breaks silence to warn US against 'causing a stink'
Washington (CNN)Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea's leader, warned the Biden administration against "causing a stink at its first step" on Monday, hours after the White House said it had not received a response to its outreach to Pyongyang. "We take this opportunity to warn the new US administration trying hard to give off powder smell in our land," she said in a statement, according to the country's state news agency. "If it wants to sl ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 701
White House staff no longer tested for Covid-19 daily
(CNN)White House staff working in-person are no longer tested for Covid-19 every day as those on campus have been increasingly vaccinated, a recent change to testing protocol, according to an administration official familiar with the process. White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said in a statement to CNN that the White House "maintains strong Covid-19-related protocols in order to create a safe workplace for its employees," such as mandatory ...
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Tuesday March 16, 2021 - Times viewed: 667
Capitol Police officer suspended after anti-Semitic reading material found near his work area
(CNN)A US Capitol Police officer has been suspended after anti-Semitic reading material was discovered near his work area on Sunday, according to a department spokesperson. The spokesperson said in a statement that Capitol Police acting Chief Yogananda Pittman on Monday ordered the officer to be suspended and the officer will remain suspended pending an outcome of an investigation by the department's Office of Professional Responsibility. "We ...
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Monday March 15, 2021 - Times viewed: 713
Charges filed against Proud Boys member who allegedly pepper-sprayed police during Capitol insurrection
(CNN)The Justice Department has charged a member of the Proud Boys who allegedly used pepper spray against police officers during the US Capitol insurrection, according to court records. Prosecutors say Christopher Worrell of Florida came to the Capitol on January 6 armed with pepper spray, and later used it against a line of police officers who were guarding the complex. He was photographed near the Capitol wearing a tactical vest and a radio ...
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Monday March 15, 2021 - Times viewed: 648
Biden commits to 'free, open, secure' Indo-Pacific in rare op-ed with 'Quad' members
(CNN)President Joe Biden declared the United States is "committed to a free, open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region" in a rare op-ed penned with the leaders of India, Australia and Japan. "Over the course of these past months, each of us has grieved the suffering that our people and the world have endured. But in this dark hour, our partnership offers a spark of hope to light?the path ahead," the leaders wrote in a Washington Post op- ...
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Monday March 15, 2021 - Times viewed: 675
Biden scored a major legislative victory, but now comes the hard part
(CNN)After savoring the passage of his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package in the Rose Garden last week, President Joe Biden begins the tough work of enacting what he called a "transformational" piece of legislation, while also trying to sell Americans on the progressive goals the bill embraced. As stimulus checks are rolling into the bank accounts of Americans, the President and first lady and Vice President Kamala Harris and the second gen ...
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