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US election 2020: How would Biden change foreign policy?

by By Barbara Plett Usher - | Story Source    Sunday October 18, 2020 - 3:14 AM
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US election 2020: How would Biden change foreign policy?
"I don't want to overstate this," says Tony Arend, with an intensity that radiates through his face mask. "But the future of the global order is at stake."

The Georgetown University professor sees the election as a foreign policy showdown, "because we have two very fundamentally different visions of what the world should look like and what American leadership in the world should look like".

The world according to President Trump is one of "America First" nationalism, ditching international agreements that he believes give the US a raw deal. It is transactional, disruptive and unilateralist. It is also personal and erratic, shaped by his gut feelings and relationships with leaders, and driven by his Twitter feed.

The world according to Joe Biden is a much more traditional take on America's role and interests, grounded in ...

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