May 8 2021
3:58 AM
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Immediately sending whole series of help that India needs: Biden

Published on April 28, 2021 10:30 AM
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President Joe Biden says he's sending India's prime minister Modi all the help he needs Americans and how the U.S. is working to assist India with rising coronavirus cases

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WASHINGTON DC, The United States is sending a whole series of help that India needs in its battle against Covid, President Joe Biden said here, reiterating that New Delhi had done the same when his country was in need last year.

Biden had spoken at length with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday and conveyed solidarity with India in its fight against the viral disease.

"We are sending immediately a whole series of help that he needs, including providing for the remdesivir and other drugs that are able to deal with this," Biden told reporters at a White House news conference on Tuesday.

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