September 22 2021
10:00 AM
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Over/Under Movies Episode 35: The Hangover/Observe and Report
Kozak rating: 5 stars

Hi everyone, here's a new episode of Over/Under Movies, where three Pacific Northwest-based film critics talk about one overrated and one underrated film within the same genre, style, or tone. If you enjoy our show, please write us a review on iTunes (You can find us if you search for Over/Under Movies). We're on Twitter @overundermovies. You can also like our Facebook page at so you can be kept up do date on new episodes.

In this episode, we dive into two R-rated comedies from 2009, both released by Warner Bros, and both dark comedies about characters that can be described as woefully unsympathetic at best. The films for this episode were picked by our awesome co-host Erik McClanahan.

First, we discuss the phenomena known as The Hangover, and whether or not it was good enough to deserve two unnecessary sequels and a bunch of terrible copycat movies.

Then, we move onto Observe and Report, a dark comedy homage to the great Taxi Driver, an impressive undertaking to be sure. Does Seth Rogen's psychopathic version of Paul Plart: Mall Cop succeed in pushing the limits of R-rated studio comedies while creating memorable characters and a relatable story?

Erik McClanahan is the lead film critic at Oregon Arts Watch, co-host of the Adjust Your Tracking podcast (Also available on iTunes), and a contributor at The Playlist.

Ryan Oliver is a contributor at He writes reviews and articles for them, and co-hosts their Unspooled Reel podcast.

Oktay Ege Kozak is a film critic for The Oregon Herald, Beyazperde, DVD Talk, and is also a contributor and film critic at The Playlist.

You can listen to the episode by playing the embedded player below: