September 18 2021
1:59 PM
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Over/Under Movies Episode 33: Lucy/Hanna
Kozak rating: 5 stars

Hi everyone, here's a new episode of Over/Under Movies, and we wanted to remind everyone to please write us a review on iTunes (You can find us if you search for Over/Under Movies) if you enjoy our show so we can get more people like you to listen to us complain about or praise overrated and underrated movies.

In this episode, Ryan, Erik, and Oktay discover their badass feminine sides as they dive headfirst into two action flicks about ladies who are well-versed in the delicate art of killing a whole heap of men (And Cate Blanchett).

Ryan's picks for this episode starts with Lucy, a pseudo-sci-fi actioner about a woman (Scarlet Johansson) who ingests a deadly chemical that allows her to use 100% of her brain, which turns her into Mystique from The X-Men for some reason. Is Luc Besson's new age wankfest a worthy addition to 2014's "Scarlett Johansson sci-fi trilogy" along with Her and Under The Skin, or did LB go too far up his own ass this time?

Next, we have Hanna, an unexpectedly effective smart action flick about a teenage assassin (Saoirse Ronan) on the run from the big bad government. Director Joe Wright delivered this overlooked gem in the middle of his distinguished career as a peddler of Oscar-bait dramas. Also, Keira Knightley's not in this one, which is a big plus.

As usual, thank you for listening, please write us your comments and iTunes reviews so we can improve the show, and look forward to new episodes when our killer Pacific Northwest-based film critics will discuss one overrated and one underrated film that share the same genre, style, or plot.

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Erik McClanahan is the lead film critic at Oregon Arts Watch, co-host of the Adjust Your Tracking podcast (Also available on iTunes) and a contributor at The Playlist.

Ryan Oliver is a contributor at He writes reviews and articles for them, and co-hosts their Unspooled Reel podcast.

Oktay Ege Kozak is a film critic for The Oregon Herald, Beyazperde, DVD Talk and is also a contributor and film critic at The Playlist.

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