September 18 2021
11:58 AM
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Nick Kroll Interview
Kozak rating: 5 stars

Nick Kroll's been busy recently. His hit Comedy Central sketch comedy Kroll Show just came to an end, and he's been stretching his acting chops as an entitled brother/uncle/babysitter in the new family dramedy Adult Beginners. The film itself is a surprisingly tender and unsurprisingly funny look into the many hangups of switching from arrested development into adulthood. It doesn't rewrite the genre, but is a solid and worthy effort nevertheless.

Kroll was in Portland in order to promote the film, which he also produced and wrote the story for, and I was fortunate enough to interview him at the beautiful Deluxe Hotel. During the interview, we talk about Kroll's challenges in trying a more dramatic role, the inspirations for some of his Kroll Show characters, as well as the fact that he's better than Jim Henson (That last one was supposed to have been written in a sarcastic font).

You can listen to the interview below by clicking on the embedded player. Adult Beginners is currently playing in theaters nationwide and is on Video On Demand through iTunes, Amazon, and many other video on demand services. Enjoy!