September 18 2021
12:01 PM
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Over/Under Movies Episode 18
Kozak rating: 5 stars

Hi Everyone! The September theatrical schedule is always a dud so before we begin the awards season with early October releases, here's another episode of our podcast Over/Under Movies, where we pick one underrated and one overrated movie and discuss them. You can listen to the episode by pressing play on the embedded player below, or you can download it by clicking on the download button.

Erik, Oktay and Ryan take a trip to Boston's criminal underbelly in this episode of Over/Under Movies as we discuss Erik's Boston-set crime drama picks, The Town and The Friends of Eddie Coyle.

First off, we "Paak the caa" in Ben Affleck's turf as we compliment him on his technical prowess in bringing The Town to the big screen while making arguments around why it was overblown at the time of its release.

Next we have a wicked awesome good time talking about 1973's Peter Yates-helmed The Friends of Eddie Coyle, which not only sports one of Robert Mitchum's best performances, but might also be the most under-appreciated crime drama ever made.

As usual, thank you for listening, please send us your comments so we can improve the show and look forward to new episodes when our wonderful Portland-based film critics will discuss one overrated and one underrated film within the same genre or style.

Erik McClanahan is the lead film critic at Oregon Arts Watch, co-host of the Adjust Your Tracking podcast and a contributor at The Playlist.

Oktay Ege Kozak is a film critic for The Oregon Herald, Beyazperde, DVD Talk and also a contributor at The Playlist.

Ryan Oliver is a film critic for Gotcha Movies and the host of the Gotcha Movies Podcast.