September 22 2021
10:55 AM
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Over/Under Movies Episode 17
Kozak rating: 5 stars

Hi Everyone! Here's another episode of our podcast Over/Under Movies, where we pick one underrated and one overrated movie and discuss them. You can listen to the episode by pressing play on the embedded player below, or you can download it in mp3 by clicking on the download button.

It's exploitation-style revenge fantasy time at Over/Under movies as we tackle two extremely violent films about badasses going after the people who wronged them.

First on the chopping block is Kill Bill Vol.1 (Yes, Vol. 1 only, since Oktay, who picked the film as overrated actually enjoys Vol. 2) as Ryan and guest co-host Erik McClanahan mercilessly gang up on Oktay to let him know how wrong he really is to not worship at the altar of Quentin Tarantino. Just kidding, it actually turns into a friendly and interesting conversation.

Next we talk about one of the most under-appreciated masterpieces of the 70s American filmmaking, which in itself was a glorious period. Despised by critics for its violent content and a big flop at the box-office during its release in 1974, Sam Peckinpah's Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia deserves to be mentioned among the Top 10 American films from the 70s right alongside Taxi Driver and The Godfather.

As usual please let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section. The show is also available on iTunes if you search for Over/Under Movies.

Oktay Ege Kozak is a film critic for Oregon Herald, and DVD Talk and occasionally writes for The Playlist.

Ryan Oliver is a film critic for and the host of The Gotcha Movies podcast.

Erik McClanahan is the chief film critic for Oregon Arts Watch, writes for The Playlist and co-hosts the popular podcast Adjust Your Tracking, also available on iTunes.