June 17 2021
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Story by Ralph Metcalf - The Oregon Herald Oregon Hera
Published on Wednesday March 10, 2010 - 7:34 AM
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Witnesses say the man in his car outside 7-Eleven purposefully revved up his engine and smashed into an Aberdeen, Washington store injuring 2-year-old Keitlyn Zinn and her mother. As the girl continues to recover from being pinned by the van on Friday, surveillance video just released from inside the store shows the sheer magnitude of the crash. In the video, 2-year-old Keitlyn Zinn and her mother walk into the busy store. There is absolutely no indication of trouble. The van pulls into the store parking lot and stops. A few seconds, Keitlyn and her mother are at the checkout counter when the van's engine revs up wildly and plows into the store. The camera is knocked upward as the wall collapses.

The little girl, Keitlyn suffered a broken leg and sustained multiple cuts and bruises. She was flown by helicopter to Seattle's Harborview Medical Center where she was initially listed in critical condition, but has made progress since. Keitlyn's mother was taken to Grays Harbor Hospital.

Witnesses told police they saw the van's driver Kelvin Kinney put the van into drive and heard the engine rev up high and saw the driver purposefully manipulating the gear shift then force the van into drive and ram into the store," said Capt. Don Green with Aberdeen Police.

However, this is the second time the driver, Kinney has driven a car into a building. The first time he told police he was diabetic and needed his medicine.

"After the accident, he told the police that he was diabetic and he needed his medicine," Green said.

Officers say Kinney appeared responsive and did was not disorderly.

Kinney lives at the Nordic Inn where people cannot understand or believe he was allowed to drive after the first accident.

"I would expect that my license to get revoked instantly," said Jennifer Martinez.

Police say Kinney had a mental examination after he left the hospital, but that the hospital said they had no reason to hold Kinney involuntarily.

Investigators are now requesting Kinney's medical records and have asked the state to revoke his driver's license at least until the police investigation is complete.