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Published on Sunday April 24, 2011 - 3:48 PM
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Giddy the kitty has returned home to her Reno owner, four years after vanishing and somehow winding up on the northern Oregon Coast.

Officials at the Clatsop Animal Assistance center in Warrenton, Ore., were able to track the feline back to Bill Tweedy with the help of an identifying microchip embedded in the animal.

Giddy earlier this month was flown to Reno in a commercial airliner and reunited with Tweedy, who had adopted her for companionship after going through a divorce.

"She wasn't scared or didn't move away when I went to pick her up," Tweedy said of the reunion. "She snuggled up in my arm and she stayed there. I think she remembered me."

After the house cat darted out the front door of his home in 2007 and failed to return, a heartbroken Tweedy gave her up for dead or stolen. He now thinks someone in Reno took in the cat and later moved to Oregon.

Tweedy, 48, a driver for NevCal Trucking, said he was shocked when he recently found out 6-year-old Giddy had turned up alive in Oregon.

"I was really happy to have her back," he said. "When I got her, I had just had a divorce and wanted company. I really missed her company the last several years."

A volunteer from the Oregon shelter, Lori Huntley, accompanied Giddy on her flight back home, said Krys T. Bart, local airport authority president and CEO and Nevada Humane Society board member.

"Reno-Tahoe International Airport is proud to serve over 3.8 million passengers per year, whether they come on two legs or four," Bart said.

Tweedy isn't the only Nevadan with a heartwarming cat story to tell.

In Carson City, Linda Conroy and her daughter, Megan, were stunned when their black feline Zeppelin returned home earlier this month _ six years after disappearing.

Reno television station KOLO reported that Linda Conroy was looking out a window in her home when she saw the cat walking down the street, enter their garage and start eating. She called her daughter. Both are baffled about the cat's whereabouts away from them.

"I just couldn't believe it was him," Megan Conroy told KOLO. "And that's all I wanted to do was just cry. I couldn't believe he was back after all that time."

Since then, Zeppelin has been making himself feel at home again.

"He comes into my room and just hops up in my lap and falls asleep there like he used to when he was younger," said Megan Conroy, who last saw Zeppelin when she was 16 years old.