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Published on Friday March 18, 2011 - 12:15 PM
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The owners of the horses removed from the field on Quarry Road have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of Animal Neglect II.

Sharon Burnett, 63, and her husband, Kenneth "Butch" Burnett, 66, will appear in court on March 25th and April 4th, respectively. They have been released from the jail, pending their court dates.

Both were reported to be staying at a second home in Carson City, Nevada when the horses were seized from their property on Quarry Road. They offered little explanation for the condition of the horses and dogs on the property.

The Australian Shepherds were placed with the Human Society when it became clear that the temporary kennel built by deputies would not sustain the dogs in the long term.

The horses remain in the custody of two horse rescue organizations that are treating them for parasite infestations, rain rot, ringworms, and weight loss due to malnutrition and anemia.

Dr. Barbara Kahl, the Veterinarian treating the animals, determined that the bay mare is in foal, and due to her malnourished condition, both she and the foal are at serious risk. She is probably in the worst condition of all the horses seized. The recovery process of the rest of the horses is slow, but steady.

Sr. Deputy Brenda Lumley commented, "These horses are alive today because of the generosity of the volunteers at United SPCA and the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary. Our Office relies heavily upon these volunteer organizations when investigating reports of animal neglect".