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Story by Larry Fitzpatrick - The Oregon Herald
Published on Sunday March 6, 2011 - 2:16 PM
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PORTLAND – Police were called to the 3300 block of Southeast 10th Avenue with a report of a man threatening to take an overdose of pills.

Police say the responding officer was wounded after the suspect allegedly shot through a door and injured the officer with wood splinters and possible shrapnel.

Another 13-year veteran police officer arrived on the scene a quarter hour later. He was shot in the stomach when the suspect fired a rifle.

The suspect, who was not wounded, gave himself up at the scene.

One person who lives in the area said he had never seen the suspect before.

Several officers were seen with shotguns, and others officers blocked people from entering the area.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody an hour after the first shots were fired. One of the officers was taken to Emanuel Hospital . Further condition of the officers and their identification has not been released at this time.