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Story by Robert Morgan - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday March 1, 2011 - 12:59 PM
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VANCOUVER, Washington - The woman who admitted faking acid being tossed into her face, appeared in court today and asked for her trial to be postponed.

On August 30, 2010, Storro told police a stranger had tossed acid into her face, leaving her with severe burns and scars.

Police detectives were doubtful of her claims. They felt her claims didn't make much sense because her burns appeared to be far too even. They say a liquid tossed into the face as she claimed would have left burns on her neck and arms.

The media first ate up the story, making national headlines. She was booked into network morning shows, her face wrapped in bandages, and with a very positive demeanor about what had happened. Then Storro finally admitted she had lied.

She's currently being held on second-degree theft charges for the donations received from the community to help her with all her medical bills.

Today Storro's lawyers asked the judge to postpone the trial for a few months for more time to prepare their case. The judge reset the trial date for May 16.