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Story by James Daniels - The Oregon Herald
Published on Friday February 11, 2011 - 3:37 PM
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Skating champion Tonya Harding is pregnant and "super excited" it's a boy. Yes, Tonya is going to be a mother.

She's now 40, married, and wants to get on with her life. We just hope the world will leaver her alone and let her do so, let her be happily married, and enjoy motherhood.

Her husband Joseph Price is happy, and even more excited it's a boy. Of course, Tonya is best known as Oregon's famous skater and, well, yes, she addmited concealing information about the attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan. The attack took place after a 1994 practice session for the U.S. Figure skating championships.

But Tonya has moved on, has her own website located at tonyaharding.com. And that website is pretty interesting to say the least. One has to hand it to her for being so creative. She's matured enough not to mind what others say. She seems to be that independant as she demonstrates with her commentary on Tru-TV's "the Smoking Gun" series.

So, good luck to you Tonya.