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Story by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
Published on Sunday January 9, 2011 - 3:01 AM
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NEWPORT, Oregon - 52-year-old Wayne Leroy Beeberger has been arrested in regard to a series of biochemical- and explosive-weapons threats which were called into the 911 service Saturday in Newport.

Police in Newport responded to the bomb threat call and had this statement to release:

"Over the next few hours the caller made threats that he had placed a shrapnel charge at Newport City Hall as well as threatened to gas the Lincoln County Jail," the Newport Police Department said. "Officers and deputies, with the assistance of the Lincoln County Narcotics Team, determined the phone belonged to Beeberger."

"At 16:47 hours the Lincoln County Sheriff Office detained Beeberger in the Wakanda Beach Road area," A Newport Police spokesperson stated.

Beeberger was arrested and taken to the Lincoln County Jail. He faces multiple charges including disorderly conduct, making a false report and Misuse of 911. Anyone with information should call The Newport Police Department at (541) 574-3348.