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Story by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald
Published on Saturday December 25, 2010 - 1:25 PM
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SPOKANE, Washington - On Tuesday police arrested a 54-year-old grandmother and her 14-year-old grandson on charges of attempting to sell crack cocaine.

After arresting the grandson, police found baggies of a substance in the boy's pocket that tested positive for crack cocaine.

After Hilliard was arrested, she waived her right to remain silent and spoke to police. She admitted she was driving the boy to sell crack cocaine.

The boy said he paid his grandmother to drive him around because he has no drivers license.

Grandmother Tyna A. Hilliard appeared in Spokane County Superior Court Thursday on drug delivery charges. Her arraignment is set for Jan. 3.

Hilliard's daughter - the boy's mother - was arrested on a similar drug charge in August.