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Story by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday December 21, 2010 - 1:11 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police got very luck when a routine traffic stop netted thousands of dollars worth of heroin.

Police recovered nine pounds of uncut heroin packaged in bricks worth a half million. The heroin was found packed in the bumper of a blue Kia minivan.

Juan Casas was arrested and a home search turned up more than 4 pounds of heroin hidden in food containers of macaroni and cheese. The amount of the drug was enough to supply thousands of hits to users. Marijuana, cocaine, weapons and over $1,500 in cash was also found.

Street value of the drug was said to be about a quarter million dollars.

Sergeant Cory Roberts says heroin use is on the rise in Northwest Oregon and in particular, Portland. Roberts said he believes it is because more doctors are prescribing the pharmaceutical oxycodone for pain.

Addicted users are then switching to heroin because it's cheaper, Police said they seized twice as much heroin this year as compared to last year.