June 14 2021
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Story by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
Published on Tuesday December 21, 2010 - 1:01 PM
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PORTLAND, Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is recovering from prostate cancer surgery. The early-stage cancer was discovered after a physical in November.

His surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore said yesterday that "everything went perfect. The patient is recovering well."

Wyden should be released today and is expected to recuperate at his home in Washington.

He worked through the weekend, voting on the winning democratic side for the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy but on the losing side to cut off debate on a bill to give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Ron Wyden was born in Kansas and raised in Palo Alto, California. He came to Oregon to attend the Oregon University School of Law and earned his J.D. degree in 1974. He taught at several Oregon universities and founded the Oregon chapter of the Gray Panthers. The Gray Panthers wiki states "Gray Panthers is an organization in the United States dedicated to economic and social justice." Sen. Wyden ran the organization from 1974-1980. At 30 years old, he won his first elected position as Representative for Oregon's 3rd Congressional District. Since that time, Wyden has remained involved in politics.