June 13 2021
10:55 PM
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  Bend, Oregon, is home to the highest per capita dog population in the world.    

Story by Ana Connery - Story Source
Published on Thursday June 10, 2021 - 11:08 AM
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CNN — For many pet owners, traveling without Fido is simply out of the question. Pets are part of the family, and what's a family vacay without one of your own? But when you're planning a pet-friendly vacation, finding the right place to stay with your pet — one that's comfortable, convenient and has the right vibe — is key.

Before you book, it's a good idea to get familiar with the hotel features to look for to ensure your stay is as comfy for you as it is for your pet. Here's a look at five features of pet-friendly hotels that are worth asking about, especially if they're not clearly stated on the hotel's website:

Rules regarding whether pets can be left alone in the room. If you plan to leave your pet for short periods of time, like when you go to dinner, you'll have to make sure the hotel allows it and learn what protocols, if any, you have to observe. For example, some hotels require you to crate your dog when you're not in the room with them.

Ample room to exercise and do their business. Some hotels say they're dog-friendly, but only offer limited areas for dogs to roam. If your pet needs more than just a quick potty break here and there, you'll want to know that there's ample green space before you arrive.

Rules regarding pets in public areas, such as the lobby, pool deck and patios. Most hotels have restrictions and will hit you with fines if they find Spot sunbathing in a cabana, for example.

The pet fee schedule and weight limits. Some hotels ask for nonrefundable deposits up front, while others return deposits once you've checked out and the room has been inspected for damage. Pet fees and weight limits also run the gamut. Some pet fees are per stay, others charge per night. Size matters, too, as some hotels don't accept large dogs over a certain weight. And if you have two dogs, for example, you may see two separate sets of pet fees on your bill.

Distance to dog-friendly parks, trails, and restaurants. It's one thing if the hotel welcomes pooches with ample room to roam and do their business, but it's another if you have to drive a long way to reach pet-friendly activities and restaurants. Knowing all of this info ahead of time will help ensure both you and your pet have a great trip. Now, here's a look at 15 pet-friendly hotels across the country that go above and beyond the bark of duty... (read more for the full list of pet friendly hotels)