June 24 2021
6:11 AM
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  Sam Adams pitched managing partners last week. Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury offers a scathing review.    

Story by Sophie Peel | - Story Source
Published on Monday May 24, 2021 - 6:34 AM
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Last week, managing partners from 25 of Portland's largest law firms assembled on Zoom to air their grievances about downtown homeless camps to Sam Adams. In reply, he made them a remarkable offer.

Adams, the onetime Portland mayor, is now Mayor Ted Wheeler's czar of homelessness and his liaison to business owners. On May 11, he had a virtual meeting with lawyers, many of whom have offices downtown. In attendance were partners from some of downtown's biggest firms, including Barran Liebman, Perkins Coie, Schwabe Williamson, and Davis Wright Tremaine, all of which lease thousands of square feet of prime downtown real estate.

WW spoke to multiple people who attended the meeting. One moment stood out to everyone WW spoke with: Adams described the mayor's plan to create safe camping sites for unhoused people in Portland neighborhoods. And he pledged the city would move homeless campers from downtown sidewalks into these new campsites.