May 15 2021
3:33 AM
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Story By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer | - Story Source
Published on Friday April 30, 2021 - 8:37 AM

Oregon is now second in the nation for new COVID-19 infections, after months of keeping its levels lower than most other states, and its hospitalization rates in several counties are close to triggering a renewed ban on indoor dining and other high-risk activities, Gov. Kate Brown has announced.

At a press conference on Friday, Brown warned, "In the race between vaccines and variants, right now the variants have the upper hand."

She said several counties are "on the verge of having to reinstate extreme risk restrictions on businesses and activities." As of Friday, however, Yamhill County, which is in the high risk category, was not among them.

"At this moment, we are moving backwards. Oregon needs to be moving forward," Brown said. "My goal is to get the state back on track to lift the restrictions this pandemic has forced upon us — I think we can get there by the start of summer, but we will all need to work together."

On Monday, Yamhill County reported 53 new cases from Saturday to Monday, a significantly higher number than the county has been seeing in the last several weeks...