April 12 2021
8:44 AM
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Cat rescue group saves cat stuck in rat trap
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Story by The Oregon Herald Staff
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  Oregon nonprofit rescued a cat stuck in rat trap Cat stuck in rat trap  
PORTLAND, Oregon - A once unfortunate cat was recently rescued by animal loving volunteers after she got her paw caught in a rat trap.

Members of Meow Village, a cat rescue based in Aurora, found the starving, underweight stray in the Portland area. A veterinarian later discovered that part of her paw had been cut off from a large rat trap affixed to her left front paw. Part of her bone was also exposed.

Betty Boop must have laser treatment as part of her recovery process, which is why the rescue group gave her protective glasses, but they think she actually prefers wearing them.

It seems Vets were able to save her paw by cutting off part of the protruding bone. The unfortunate feline has a new name: Betty Boop who seems happy enough with her new home. So the unfortunate turns into good fortune, with the help of those who love animals. And we understand there are not rats nearby.

10-year-old Betty Boop will be available for adoption soon; she's spayed and friendly. Visit to learn more.