April 12 2021
9:19 AM
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Man struck and killed by train on tracks in Eugene
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Story by Yi Lin - The Oregon Herald
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  Man in his mid-50's hit and killed by a train in Eugene Fatal train crash in Eugene  
EUGENE, Oregon - A person walking on the tracks in Eugene was struck and killed by a train.

At 2:44 p.m. Friday, a man was reported to have been walking on the train tracks and was hit by an oncoming train near Chambers Street and Railroad Boulevard.

The train had activated its horn and whistle, and had applied emergency breaks. The man appeared not to hear and he was struck. Eugene Police responded to investigate and the train line's traffic was stopped to allow incidence response. The man, in his mid-50s, is deceased and the Lane County Medical Examiner responded to take jurisdiction.

EPD will withhold the man's identity until the man's family has been notified.