May 13 2021
2:50 AM
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  A fire set at the Portland Police Association building   Portland protesters attempted to set fire to the Portland Police Association building  

Story by Evan Schreiber - Story Source
Published on Monday April 5, 2021 - 1:18 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - Serving as a constant reminder of the struggle for racial and social justice issues, another fiery demonstration descended on a North Portland neighborhood Saturday night, adjacent to the Portland Police Association building.

Portland Police said a group of about 40 people gathered the night of April 3, outside the Portland Police Association headquarters at the intersection of North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue in North Portland and lit some wood debris on fire. Officers arrived to clear the area and make way for Portland Fire & Rescue crews to put out the flames.

The charred debris was still at the site of the fire Sunday evening.

People who live in this North Portland neighborhood have watched the tension grow for nearly a year at the police union headquarters. Some told KATU News that they have stayed out of the protests.

"I've got to be neutral because I'm right here. We live in America, so you should be able to voice your opinion," said Craig Moore. "People have to sit down at the table and have a meeting of minds."